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Public Figures That Have Become Vocal About Lyme Disease After Suffering From The Same

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease that is known to have various symptoms one of them is exhaustion. There are also other ailment known to cause exhaustion. You probably have heard of Lyme disease which has the same symptoms. When an infected tick bites a person then he or she would suffer from this disease. It is quite hard knowing that you have Lyme disease that is why it goes unnoticed for a long time. Many people tend to go on with life not knowing that they have Lyme disease. Some celebs have taken the mantle to ensure that they would overcome this disease amicably. We are going to outline some celebrities who are suffering from the ailment. The famous and beautiful Bella Hadid is one person who has gone for treatment due to this ailment.

If you look at hr you might not think she would be suffering from the ailment. She has experienced symptoms ranging from fatigue, pain in joints to brain problems. She is confined in bed most of the time and cant be able to enjoy some of the things she enjoys doing such as riding horses. She blames her diminishing brain function from the fact that she no longer rides horses. She has also created awareness on how she is overcoming it. Another celebrity you might not know she has the disease is Shania Twain. The only difference between her and Bella Hadid is that she contracted the disease fifteen years ago.

She got it from a tick bite. The symptoms that one gets due to being bitten is fatigue. This would go on to affect her vocal cords which would impede her singing by some great length. After some extent of treatment she could sing. She said that on the back drop of this she had to go to various therapy in order to ensure that she could get back her voice. Although she underwent all the therapy she stills requires to gather herself in some instances to sing. In other times you ,might have come across a celebrity known as Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne dint have vocal cords issues like Shania Twain but hers was so severe. Diagnosis was ate which would have made it severe after wards. At times it was sever that she talks of times she had to be bed ridden. It was also detrimental to what she liked doing which was singing. She has also said that she underwent therapy which is helping her recover.

Kelly Osborne on the other hand new when she was bitten by an infected tick. She says she experiences fatigue, sleeplessness and pain. He suffers from the disease after being bitten almost twenty years ago.