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Keeping the Heat Out of Your Rooms During the Summer

We experience many hot days during the summertime. And during the really hot days, you turn on your air conditioner and relax in the comforts of your room. If you dont have the right window coverings, heat will go inside your home and your air conditioning will work doubly hard to cool the room. If you dont want to overwork your HVAC system during the hot summer months then you will need something that will keep out the heat from entering your windows. If you dont want to overwork your HVAC system, then you should find a window covering that will prevent the suns rays and heat from coming in.

You can find two kinds of rooms in your home; some that dont get hit by direct sunlight and those that do. Keeping the curtains open and air circulating is enough for rooms that dont get hit directly by sunlight. For rooms that are hit by the suns rays, then in order to bounce the suns rays away from you window, you will need window coverings. Light colored window treatments are the best kinds that will reflect the suns rays and prevent it from entering. Heat is retained by dark colors. Check out the window coverings below that will help solve your energy problem.

Solar shades is one good treatment that will not completely block the view outside but they reduce glare. Light is not completely blocked but harmful UV rays are filtered out and solar heat is bounced away from your rooms. If you want the best solar shades to reflect heat, then choose light or white ones.

You can also use blackout curtains with white vinyl or plastic backing layer. With the white backside, the suns rays cannot enter the room. To prevent light from entering through the edges, the curtain should be mounted tightly to the wall from floor to ceiling.

Awnings can also reduce solar heat absorption. Use light colored awnings to reflect the most sunlight. If you put other window coverings aside from just awnings, then there will be more benefits to you. Choose a retractable awning so that during colder months you can still let the sunlight in.

Honeycomb shades or cellular shades can help insulate your home. It has air pockets that blocks heat or cold since air is not a good heat conductor. Light and heat are diffused by the honeycomb structure so it does not enter your room. Other window treatments can be paired with this.

It is important that window covering fit snugly within the window space. Gaps should not allow light to enter. If you use the services of a blind company then you can get a perfect fir for your window covering. You can use their services to help you with windows that are oversized.