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Discover What is At Stake Should you Decide to Drive Ten Extra Miles an Hour

Every road safety website states clearly that driving too fast is dangerous to all road users, you included. Chances are high you have read and heard of disturbing horror stories due to over speeding. Not only will the accident brought about by over speeding lead to a damaged car, but it may also lead to loss of lives. The worst part is that most drivers still ignore the rules and exceed the speed limit. Drivers probably think to themselves that a few miles over will not do any harm while on the highway. Here are some of the things that will be beyond your control should you decide to do ten miles over the limit.

Of course, you will not be able to respond as fast as is required should something happen and you are over speeding. If you are like other drivers, you probably spend most of your time on the road judging all the drivers around you. Now, should you encounter a case where the driver is driving or swerving dangerously, you will certainly pull back or better yet, change lanes. Even so, you can rest assured such a reaction will be impossible when you are driving too fast. Rest assured even if you have exceeded the speed limit by ten miles, spotting such risks will be quite limited for you. Ultimately, should a drunken or careless driver pull out on you, you will lose all the control you thought you had.

What happens when the car in front of yours innocuously flings a stone that ends up hitting your windscreen? No doubt if you are not over speeding such a stone will bounce off easily without leaving any damage behind. However, you can bet such a hit could be a totally different story if you are driving faster than you ought to. An apparent inoffensive part of driving could leave you with a crack or dent on your windscreen. Which of course, will pose huge risks for the rest of your journey not to mention the high expense that comes with a replacement. How about you read this auto glass info to know the urgency that is needed when it comes to buying a replacement as soon as possible? And last but not least, when you are driving fast you will not be able to read road signs properly. Road signs alert you on all things you should be aware of when on the road, from an upcoming roundabout to the speed limit you ought to maintain and all else in between.