About Me

Hi there!
I’m Merrie - curator of the Petite Career Girl blog, an online resource for all the curvy goddesses out there who want to look good in the boardroom and beyond.

For years I have been rocking my look at work - accentuating my curves and flattering my figure. And one day I thought - hey, I should share my styling tips, tricks and ideas. So here I am with Petite Career Girl, offering advice and sharing stories with curvy women across the world.

Like many other women, I've often been frustrated trying to find clothes that suit my petite height and moderate frame, because many garments seem to be cut for taller, narrower women. But when you look at the shapes and sizes of American women, the average body is 5'4” tall and between sizes 8 and 16 – not exactly what you see in fashion magazines.

That's why my fashion blog is focused on petite professionals who fall in that moderately curvy size range that's so common, and yet seemingly invisible in the marketplace.
Well, not any more, we’re going to change that!

Petite Career Girl offers:

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So, take a look around, join in and let’s get styling lovely ladies.

P.S. I thought you might enjoy a little furry eye candy. These are my kitties Mary and Minnie. :)

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