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What You Should Know Before Going to Saona Island

The location of Saona Islands is off the southeastern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is one of the most popular places to visit in the country. Soana island is postcard perfect which no modern development but only white sand beaches, turquoise waters, sandbanks, and palm trees.

Many tourists frequent this place. With thousands of tourists coming to Saona island each day, the number of tour operators have also multiplied. Despite the many tourists that go to the place, the island has remained pristine and beautiful, which is something quite surprising.

IF you want to get the most of your day trip and your money going to Saona island, then you should know the things given below.

Know where Saona island is because tour operators don’t disclose it. Saona island is located off the coast of Bayahibe, which is a fishing village where anglers and divers frequent. The road trip from Punta Cana to Saona island will be about two to three hours long. Remember that if you are going back the same day, then you will have to take that same long trip again so it is best to stay overnight in the village of Bayahibe since you can find local hotels, restaurants, and friendly people.

Saona island is part of a protected national park, the beautiful Parque Nacional Del Este. This is a haven for birds and sea turtles. In this country, this is a very important turtle nesting site.

Don’t touch wildlife, especially starfish when you are there. Protected parks should be respected. The water is all yours to enjoy but indigenous starfish should not be touched or moved. Ill-informed tour operators and guides allow tourists to touch starfish. Starfish is part of the wildlife. Even for just a few seconds outside the water, the tissues of the starfish can be damaged irreparably. You can poison the starfish with your sunscreen.

If you want to have a great Saona experience, then this will depend on the operator that you choose. The things that determine your sauna experience includes the stops you make, the type of boat you select, and the kind of guide accompanying you. The best operators are well informed on the history of the island, will take you to the best areas on the island and keep you away from the crowds.

Choose a tour that stops in Mano Juan, the inhabited portion of Saona island. This is where you will learn about the local culture. They have pastel-colored wooden houses. They have no cars here. Here the main livelihood is fishing.

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