Monday, October 5, 2015

Irresistable Me Diamond Flat Iron Review & The Big Chop!

Hi Ladies,
Welcome to today's hair themed post!
Whack! That's the sound I heard in the hairstylist's chair on Friday. About 5 inches of my hair fell to the floor and was swept up by the assistant. Why? Well, about a year ago I stopped getting my hair straightened with chemical relaxers. It wasn't a conscious decision. It's just that I was getting my hair blow dried every week, because my local salon was so cheap and then one day it had been six months since I'd had a relaxer. Then it was 8 months. By that time, I didn't see the point of getting one. I always thought that I would never give up relaxers, because my hair was so easy to manager with one, but it's actually simpler now. 
One problem still remained though: I had about 3 inches of hair at the ends that had relaxer on them. They were bone straight and the rest of my hair was curly, so as you can imagine, they didn't work together. (You really can't tell in my pictures, because of they way I styled my hair, but there was no way to "wash and go".) So, after being warned by one hair dresser that "curly hair needs to be long" and then being encouraged by my bank teller to "just go for it"...I just did it! 
Whew, I think it turned out well. :) We even took some pics during the process, so I could memorialize my experience. (Or have a record to cry over, if it turned out badly.)
In honor of my new cut, I decided to break in my new flat iron by Irresistible Me! They were kind enough to send one for me to review, and I'm so glad they did. I lost my old flat iron during the moves (it had cost about $150), and replaced it with a $30 one from Sally's. Sigh...the cheap one snagged my hair, was too big to get to my roots and didn't grip my hair tightly. I have to say that Irresistable Me's flat iron was the complete opposite! It's smaller (about an inch wide), glides easily through my hair and has a good grip. Sometimes it's true - you do get what you pay for! (If you are interested, they also sell a curling wand with 8 different curling attachments and hair extensions.)
Irresistable Me Diamond Flat Iron Review & The Big Chop! | Hair | Natural Hair Care

Some before, during and after pics. :) 

Has anyone else been contemplating any big hair changes?


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  1. Your hair always looks nice! I'm definitely contemplating a big change!

    1. oooh...are you going to tell me or do I have to wait?

  2. So pretty! I love the length and the soft curls.
    My big change is that in a month or so - after I get all of the semi permanent color washed out - I am going to go back to getting my color professionally done. I used to be blonde and spent a boat load of money keeping up with it. After I went to brown, I started covering up the gray myself and looooved the money I saved. But now... sigh... I am getting old lady hair and need help again. Honestly, I just hope I have hair in ten years!
    Congrats on the super cute new 'do!! Love it!

    1. LOL...I'm sure you will have hair!!!! I know how you feel...these highlights feel like they are always grown out. So, are you going to stick with brown or go back to blonde?


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