Friday, October 2, 2015

How to Wear Pantone's Fall Colors: Biscaye Bay & Reflecting Pond (TEAL)

How to Wear Pantone's Fall Colors: Teal Biscaye Bay & Reflecting Pond

Hi Ladies, 
These are my favoite of all the Pantone colors! Honestly, if you put anythign in a blue-green color then I'm gonna love it. When I go shopping for furniture at flea markets, I have to take my sister along with me. Otherwise, I'll wind up paying top price for any crumbly old desk, with drawers that don't work and a bad paint job, just because its teal. It's an addicition.

Anyway, I love that Pantone has included these two colors, because you NEVER see them in fall and winter.  They are generally only for summer and spring, which is not fair to the rest of the year...LOL. It looks like they added a touch of grey to each one so that they would be a little more muted. In fact, I've already started rocking Reflecting Pond (teal) here. 

Checkout my "How to Wear the Season's Colors" Pinterest Board below for more ways to wear them.

What's your favorite fall color so far? (See How to Wear Dried Herb here.)





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  1. This is such a beautiful color! All of these pictures make me want to go shopping... lol!

    1. I know...these colors are so lovely!

  2. Such a pretty color! I can see why it's one of your faves!

  3. I know...I could stare at this page all day :)


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