Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How much do you spend on clothes? | October Clothing Budget

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Hi Ladies,
I'm baaack with this month's update on spending. :) If you remember from last  month, I went waaaay over budget on shopping. After tallying up all my expenses and smacking myself in the forehead, I wound up retunring a pair of $160 brown Mary Janes and about $120 worh of clothes from Old Navy. The Mary Janes were cute, but they can often look funny with leggings, so I probably wouldn't have gotten a ton of use out of them. As for deciding what to take back from Old Navy, I focused on things that I liked, but didn't love or were similar to stuff I already owned. Whew!

This month, I did much better. Since I live in leggings during the winter and it's starting to get cold, I focused on getting some easy weekend/ running errands/ working from home wear, since that's what I do the most of. I bought a few tee shirts, long cardigans and some leggings. All via Old Navy and Target, so the prices was great. On a side note...I'm REALLY impressed with Target's tee-shirts. They have alot of different varieties from heavy weight cotton to the thinner vintage ones. Plus they are all about $8. J. Crew Factory had previously been my favoirite place for tees, becauise I loved thier vintage wash, but I think that Target's Merona brand is a less boxy, looks better and is cheaper.

So, how was your shopping month?

4 Long Sleeve Tees (TARGET) $8 * 4 = $32
1 Open Cardigan (OLD NAVY) $17
1 Cowl Neck Sweater (OLD NAVY) $8
1 Black Sweater (OLD NAVY) $12
3 Leggings (OLD NAVY) $16 * 3 = $48

TOTAL =  $117


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  1. Gosh I don't know. I work from home so not that much. But I do have periods where I'll buy a bunch of stuff then I won't buy anything, So I would say 100 or so a month.

    1. That's a good number...I need to keep to that, but it's so hard!!

  2. Good job, Merrie!! I spent about $130 on a pair of high waisted skinny jeans. I can't believe I bought a pair of skinny jeans just as they are going out of style. Hmmm... I feel a blog post may in order about this. LOL Btw, when you get a sec - check out my post from last Friday. I featured your Halloween post in my Marcy's Nine Likes and one of my commenters gave you a shout out in the comment section - she loves your blog! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm so behind on reading other blogs!! I think I've missed two of your posts :( I'll jump over now. :) I think skinny jeans will always be in style if they look awesome on you, and I know they look that way on you! :)


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