Thursday, September 10, 2015

My favorite items from Nordstrom that are worth the price!

My favorite items from Nordstrom that are Worth the Price! | Curvy Outfit Ideas | Petite Outfit Ideas | Plus Size Fashion | Fall Fashion | OOTD | Professional Casual Chic Fashion and Style Inspiration

Hi Ladies,
I love a good deal, however other than at the yearly sale, Nordstrom's can be a bit pricey. I still love shopping with them because their service and quality generally can't be beat. One year, I spent four hours shopping for jewelry at the Nordstrom in Santa Monica. I had found the most wonderful salesman (who now works at the David Yurman counter in The Grove), who had a great eye and we basically tried on everything in the department.:)

So, I thought I would share my favorite things that I've bought from Nordstrom over the years. Even though these things are kinda pricey, they are vastly superior to cheaper versions. Check 'em out! Do you have any favorites from Nordies?

Bra shopping is something I leave to the professionals, which is where Nordstrom comes in. I don't even bother looking at the racks; I just walk right up to an associate, ask her to measure me and bring me what she recommends. The sales associates are usually HIGHLY knowledgeable about their products and will save you oodles of time from having to try on a million bras. For this post, I want to call special attention to their new Nubian Skin Bra line. For the longest time, bra companies have assumed that every human being is the same hue, which we know is not true. What is nude on me is not going to be nude on every other woman and vice versa. As far as I know, Nubian Skin is the first company to come out with a wide range of nudes and I'm very impressed. They are carried in store at my local Nordstrom and you can also order them online. Note: a sales associate informed me that they run small in the cup and strap, so order up! (Don't be afraid to order a couple sizes, because Norstrom has an awesome return policy!)

Nadri Pavé Inside Out Hoop Earrings - these are hoops lined with crystals on the inside and outside. I got them in gold and I have to say that I wear them with everything! If you see me wearing gold hoops in any of my pictures, it's these. I love them! They are simple enough to wear with jeans, yet the crystals make them work for dressier occasions as well.

This last one is the Ficcare 'Ficcarissimo' Hair Clips. At first glance, they are laughably overpriced ($50 for a hair clip??), but once you use them, you'll never go back. In all of my little twists and updos, this is what I use in the back. They come in four different sizes and I would size down. (I own the medium and large.) I know that I'm not the only one obsessing about these clips, because my coworker noticed the one in my hair and told me that she loves them too. She has very fine hair and was raving about them. I have very thick hair, but the range in sizes makes it perfect for both of us. (Note: Do not buy the cheaper version at Nordstrom Rack. They are not the same!)

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  1. The next time you are in Nordstrom in Santa Monica you better call me! I'm 10 minutes from there!!
    I do love Nordstrom! Right now I've got a bunch of Topshop items,a couple of skirts, culottes, and jeans on my wishlist. I wish I could buy it all!
    Thank you for the tip about their bra fitters. I really need to get sized again.

    1. I definitely will! I wish I still lived on the west coast :( I used to go to santa monica all the time! Hopefully you'll have a better time getting bra fitted than I did...I'm still "in the process".


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