Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Flare jeans FOR ALL SIZES

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Hi Ladies,
Flares are back! Flares are back! Flares are back! I'm super excited. :) Every fashion magazine is calling them the new denim trend, and I couldn't be more happy. I used to wear bell bottoms in highschool, but haven't worn them since. However, I vow to get a pair this season. Here are some good options in Misses, Petite and Plus!

Petite Flare Jeans

How sophisticated does Selma Hayek look in these dark denim flares?? They are perfect for petite women when worn with heels. For a long, leggy look make sure to get them tailored so that they just barely touch the floor.

Curvy/ Plus Size Flare Jeans

J. Lo always looks awesome, but she looks extra awesome in her bells! Flares can highlight a curvy bod, especially if they fit snugly and you wear them with heels. I recommend taking the heels you are most likely to wear with your jeans and getting them hemmed to be two millimeters off the floor. Make sure you buy ones with a little spandex in them so they hug your curves.

Regular Size Flare Jeans

Leggy ladies, you legs will look even longer in these! Whew..that was a lot of L's. :) Just make sure to get ones long enough so that they graze the floor. You can even try the Rachel Zoe look and get them a little longer so the legs bunch. She alwasy looks so fantastically hip and slouchy!

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  1. Love flares! So excited they are back in style. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Me too! I'm working on finding some cheap ones :)

  2. Lots of good choices for all body types, excellent round-up!

  3. I am so happy that flares are officially back! I've been wearing my Citizens flares since 2010. Now I am not so alone. And I can get more! I really like Madewell's flares. And, I am dying to try on those 7 Ginger flares but I am afraid I might like them so much I will buy them. How many flares can one girl have? Lots! Right?

    1. I definitely don't think you can have too many flares! Can the 70s ever go out of style? You should take credit, you were totally a trend setter! :)


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