Friday, August 28, 2015

How much do you spend on makeup? | August Budget

How much do you spend on makeup? | MY FAVORITE UNDER $50 MAKEUP | August Budget
Hi Ladies,

I didn't spend any money on clothes this month! Wow! I can't make a claim like that since middle school when my mom bought all my clothes. Instead of shopping for clothes I decide to update my makeup box. I haven't bought any in over a year, and I was out of foundation, mascara, etc. I also wanted a kit that was easy to apply and could be kept in my purse. I realized that since I now own my own personal styling service, I need to represent my brand while I'm out and about. :) Since I hate taking the time to put on makeup and having to use tools to apply it, everything I bought can be put on directly from the tube or with your hands. It feels more fun that way. What are your favorite inexpensive makeup products?

Oil Infusion Lip Gloss • Fresh Berries
Blush Me • Out of Control
Radiant Luminizing Drops • Ultralight
Neutrogena® Healthy Lengths Mascara • Black
Brow Enhancer • Pearly Opal
Tinted Brow Freeze • Medium 
Highlight Lowlight Face Contour Duo • Tan
Even Better Compact Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 • Deep Natural
MicroSmooth Baked Foundation Face Powder • Medium



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  1. Good choices,would love to try that concealer!

  2. Your makeup always looks so beautiful and so natural!
    I have stuck by my Cover Girl Tinted Moisturizer and Maybelline Mascara for years! I am recently liking Clinique for eyeshadow and Almost Lipstick. And I just got some NARS foundation which I really like.

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