Monday, July 6, 2015

How much do you spend on clothes? | June Clothing Budget

How much do you spend on clothes? | June Clothing Budget | Curvy Fashion | Plus Size Fashion Blog
Hi Ladies,
I'm happy to be participating in the Budgeting Bloggers series again this month! Since I no longer have a "normal" 9 to 5 job and mostly work from home, I get to have more fun with my wardrobe.

Top Row:

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I no longer have the need to spend hundreds of dollars on work clothes, so instead I focused on fun clothes. I still need a few professional pieces for when I meet with clients or attend business functions, but luckily I have enough left over from winter (and it is versatile enough) that I can wear it year round.
Unfortunately, I also didn't set a budget this month. I really didn't want to do any shopping this season, but I needed some summer dresses, t-shirts, shorts, etc, since I don't fit in my things from last year. I decided that as long as I'm shopping at inexpensive stores, like Target, Old Navy and Kohls, then I would be okay. As you can see below I wound up spending about $200 (including tailoring), which is not crazy, but it's more than I thought I had.

Going forward, I'm setting a budget of $100 - $150 a month for all clothing/ alterations! 
What about you? How much do you spend on clothes?

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  1. That is fantastic! Sometimes I feel like I spend $200 on ...not much! My problem is that I buy clothes that I don't really need and way more bottoms than tops. I need tops! I am trying not to spend anything lately though. What I really need to do is go through my closet and try to figure it all out. But that seems scary! lol

    1. Yeah...the "Big Cleanout" is scary...LOL. Luckily I've moved so much that I've had forced clean outs many times! Checkout TWICE to sell your clothing...they make it super easy!

  2. That's not too bad, especially given that you include your alteration costs in your clothing budget. Personally I set my monthly budget around the $250 mark. Some months I go over, some months I go under, but all in all it's a decent number for me.


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