Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Get the Free Guide: The best lesser-known (but awesome!) stores for curvy, plus, and petite women!

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Hi Ladies, 

I'm super excited to offer my free "
Guide to my favorite lesser-known (but awesome!) stores for curvy, plus and petite women" today! It's something that I've been thinking of doing for a while and now it's finally done! Whew! 

*First, let me say that this guide is not solely intended for the curvy-petite or petite-plus market (although I definitely have some great ideas for them!). This guide covers resources for the curvy, plus or petite. (Or any combination thereof.) :)

I put it together, because when I started to gain weight last year, I stopped being able to shop at Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, etc. These had previously been my go-to stores. Yes, I could order up to a size 16 Misses and 14 Petite off their website, but that still left a lot of sizes out! If you are a curvy girl like me, it's easy for those numbers to creep up, making shopping at the mall no longer the fun, easy experience it used to be. :(  Luckily, there are a few more options at the mall for petites who fall in the 0 - 12 range, but there are a ton of other resources out there! I wish I had know about them when I still wore those sizes.
So, I decided to set my sights a little further and checkout some retailers that I had previously overlooked or not known about. I asked around, did a lot of digging on the internet and finally found  a shopping routine that I liked. I've found stores that fit me, who's fashions I love and at prices I love, so shopping is fun again! Also I actually spend less on my clothes than I used to, which is surprising!
Even though I live in America, I wanted to share some of the great international brands that I've stumbled upon too. I haven't honestly ordered from the international stores, but if anyone has - please leave feed back. :) Let me know if I've missed any other good ones. It seems that England is especially petite and plus-size friendly, just based on the number of their retailers I've come across.
I plan to update this guide on a yearly basis, so I would love it if you left a comment about what you liked/ didn't like about this guide! Also, let me know if I've left a great place off or about your experience shopping at these stores.
To get the free guide, just click here to subscribe to my brand NEW mailing list, where I'll be sharing fashion advice for my favorite curvy and petite ladies. (Don't worry, it won't be too often...I get more emails than I can read too.) :)
Take care and thanks again for following!!
Peace, love and tailoring :)

-Merrie K.

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  1. Awesome sauce! Got my guide, nice job lady!

  2. Very good! I imagine it was some work to put together, very useful too! Nice post andgood to meet you!

    Thank you for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday
    jess xx

    1. Thank you...yes it did take quite a bit of work! Thanks for the feedback :)

  3. Excellent guide, Merrie!!

    I just read through it and it is so comprehensive! Really wonderful job and what a fantastic resource!

    I was happy to see that Dress Barn is changing its name to Dress Bar. I wonder what took them so long to realize that the name Barn is really very off putting?!

    Congrats on the guide!!!


    1. I know...women love being compared to barn yard animals when shopping! LOL


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