Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dear Mother Nature...

Dear Mother Nature,
I know we haven't always seen eye to eye on things. First, I want to thank you for not putting any more bugs in my food, but I need to ask for one more favor. It's not for me, it's for my cats. The ring worm that's eating away at their skin is killing me.

We were just trying to do something nice by fostering a couple of kitties. Giving a mom cat and her son a chance to get out of their cage and have a home. See, I've always fostered kitties, because I love them and it breaks my heart to think that a kitty would spend it's whole life in a cage. But, I should've made sure they had a vet checkup before bringing them home. Now I'm seeing new fur-less patches and scabs on Minnie and Mary every day.

They've gone through a round of oral medicine, which made Mary vomit 2-4 times a day. (Often at night, on my bed or in the pathway to the kitchen.) I've given them baths that made them hate me. Gotten bitten because they hated me. I've got creams, lotions and wipes to dab on them but nothing is working so far. To be honest, I'm a little depressed. Now, the vet is saying that they'll have to shave Minnie and dip her a few times to make sure the medicine is getting to her skin. To be honest, this makes me want to cry.

If I have to see my little black kitty turned into Mr. Bigglesworth, I will be heartbroken. I wish it had been me who got ringworm, at least I don't have all that fur, so my skin would be easy to keep clean. Mininie's been my pet panther for 5 years now and the thought of having her wake up looking like a pink mole rat one day, breaks my heart.


I hate to bring up financial matters too, but this really isn't a good time for me to be dropping $400 on treatments that aren't working and with no end in sight. Especially, since I just dropped $700 to repair the air conditioner yesterday. I would appreciate any little of bit luck or strength that you can send my way.

And yes, I know that what I am dealing with is pretty low on the scale of human suffering. I know that there are people dealing with genocides, concentration camps and life threatening diseases who are in more need of your help, than me. However, if you can manage to be a few places at once...I'd really appreciate it. 

In addition, I do vow to not let this stop me from fostering animals. I will just be smart about it in the future and ask for a health check first. I have nothing but appreciation for the millions of people who take families of cats and dogs into their homes everyday to raise. Some of these people do so while living in one bedroom apartments, which can't be easy. Humans can be amazing.

But again, Mother Nature, I ask for your help and assistance.

Respectfully yours, 
Merrie K. (a.k.a. Hopeless in North Carolina)


  1. Oh no! Sending lots of well wishes and prayers for these little ones! I am the exact same. If I could have a farm with several plots of land I would adopt every dog there was! I cannot stand to see them locked up, sleeing in small cages. It just breaks my heart! XO


    1. Thanks Anna! I know...I would totally do that too if I had alot of space :)

  2. Oh Merrie! Hang in there! Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I was wondering how your cats got ringworm. Now it makes sense. I learned the hard way too about being careful when bringing in cats off the street but for me it was only fleas. Although Marcy did get really sick from the bites - her whole mouth swelled up.
    I am going to go on my cat trapper forum here to see if anyone has any advice on ringworm. I know this happens a lot.
    Can the rescue who had you foster the kitties help with your vet bill? Or do they have a vet who gives a rescue discount that you could use? Shaving poor Minnie sounds extreme but then again what do I know? I will come back here to comment if I find any remedies the cat rescuers out here use.
    Ugh. So sorry you and the cats are going through this.

    1. Thanks for the support, Cynthia...sigh. I'm still working with the vet and the adoption agency so I'll let you know. They got their first anti-fungal bath at the vet today, so hopefully it will helps :/

  3. I have a feeling your vet is prescribing the usual ringworm treatment so no need to get all technical about that BUT the one thing I did run across as a holistic thing is organic coconut oil to use topically and it's not toxic to cats. Check with your vet about trying it. You never know! Some people in my cat group says it helps. Here is a link to some info:

  4. I know what you're going through. For years, my 1st cocker spaniel had horrible skin issues .. I bathed her every Sunday for 12 yrs. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck .. {{hugs}}


    1. Oh no! Did she have skin allergies? I didn't know how hurt this would make me...can't believe you dealt with it for 12 years! Thanks for the hugs :)


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