Monday, December 8, 2014

OOTD: Gray Leopard Print & Stripes

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Hi Ladies,
Happy Monday! I wore this outfit over the weekend to run errands. I felt so comfy and chic in sneakers and a skirt. However, I did have to send a pic to my sister to make sure I wasn't committing a major faux pas. There's a fine line between sporty chic and wearing sneakers with a dress. Right? :) I also spotted a peeping tom while taking my pictures (see below). Luckily she's a she and a cutie pie. :)

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  1. Real cute, love the skirt. I still need a cute tote bagr!

  2. That peeping tom wants to be a cat fashionista! Cute outfit! I can't believe that denim jacket is from Old Navy. It looks like an expensive one. I love it when I find cool stuff at Old Navy. Feels like I got away with something. :)

  3. I love the sneaks with a skirt absolutely nailed it! My pups often randomly photobomb my shots .😀

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