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How to get the best fit at eShakti!

Curvy, Petite Outfit Ideas | Professional and Casual-Chic Fashion and Style Inspiration | How to get the best fit at eShakti! (or other online customized clothing retailer)

Hi Ladies,
I want to go ahead and say that this is not a sponsored post. Today, I want to share a second review of eShakti. I love the concept of eShakti because they customize clothes to fit your body, have prices close to what you pay at the mall and offer a huge range of sizes. If you are often frustrated with off-the-rack sizes, then you have to try them! If you remember, I received a beautiful purple dress to review from them in June. I was so pleased with my purchase that I ordered a few more dresses at their next "buy 2 get one free" sale. This is where the fun began and I had the opportunity to find out how to order a better fit for my shape. Here's what I got:

Dress 1
Curvy, Petite Outfit Ideas | Professional and Casual-Chic Fashion and Style Inspiration | How to get the best fit at eShakti! (or other online customized clothing retailer)
So, I thought this dress was a beautiful shape for curvy women (or anyone). I loved the detailing at the waist and the color. However, it was too tight under the arm and the chest area was as tight as a corset.

Dress 2
I've love these two-piece "dresses" that everyone has been looking fabulous in this year, so I jumped at the chance to have one custom made! I'm short-waisted, so I knew that an off-the-rack top would be too long. However, I ran into the same problems with this outfit as the one above, tight in the bust and under arm, plus it was tight in the waist.

Dress 3
I had the exact same fit issues with this dress as the black one above. :(

So, at this point, I was devastated. I really loved these dresses and the quality of the craftsmanship was excellent, but they were just too small! So, I did a few things:
  • I returned all of my items for a full refund. (I chose to get an extra 20% by getting my refund as a store credit.) One downside to returning is that I paid about $20 to have them shipped back.
  • I measured myself to see if I had gained any weight. I had :(. However, this didn't explain why the first dress still fit perfectly.
  • I put everything in a polite email and sent it to customer service. I told them how much I loved the concept of eShakti, but that all of my recent dresses were too long in the waist and tight under the arm. I wanted to know if there was anything I could do to improve my sizing.
  • The customer service representative was very polite! In addition to offering to re-do one of the dresses above for free, she told me that I should start including the following measurements with my orders:
    • High Point Shoulder to Under bust
    • High Point Shoulder to Waist
    • High Point Shoulder to Preferred length (as per the custom styling chosen)
    • Armhole circumference (in case you chose to custom style sleeves).
Plus, she included the following diagrams to show me how to make the measurements: 
How to get the best fit at eShakti! (eShakti Review)
How to get the best fit at eShakti! (eShakti Review)

  • Customer service provided me with great information, because they don't ask for these measurements on the ordering form. (Probably because they don't want to overwhelm people by asking for too many measurements.)
  • Clothes are like boyfriends and steak...sometimes they don't come out right the first time (not that you can fix a boyfriend, but you can always "return and reorder") :). As someone who gets a lot of her clothes altered, I know how hard it is for a tailor to get it right the first time, and this is when he/she sees you in person and isn't creating a garment from scratch. Therefore, I commend eShakti for their concept...they have picked a hard (but worthy) hill to climb. I will order again, as soon as I can take those measurements above and will let you know how things go!
  • In the meantime, here are some tips that I've put together...I'd love to hear any of yours! :)

Curvy, Petite Outfit Ideas | Professional and Casual-Chic Fashion and Style Inspiration | How to get the best fit at eShakti! (or other online customized clothing retailer)

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  1. Merrie, you look great in all 3 of these, especially the black. Great tips for a custom order, can't wait to see what you get next!

    1. You should try them. :) Why haven't you?

  2. Love all of them. I picked out a dress to review and I love concept as well. I hope you love your next order can't wait to see!

    1. I'm sure that I that i know these other measurements to give, they are gonna turn out perfect!

  3. Really fantastic tips! So happy to hear that they were so considerate and helpful. Love that you added the extra sizing photo tips. Thank you. I will definitely use them next time I order from eShakti. Which I might soon - that two piece black dress is gorgeous!

    1. You should totally get that will look amazing on you! There's no stretch in it though, so I wouldn't hold the tape me sure too tight.

  4. I am sorry that the dresses did not work out. But thank you for the great tips on measuring! I really never had a clue how to do that! Susan

    1. Yea, i sounds overwhelming, but i really only needed help with one of the measurements. Let me know if you want to order a dress...I can help you with the measurements.

  5. Love your tips! I just got my eShakti dress and it fit me perfectly, although I do find that it is hard to get into the dress. I would love to order again though. Their dresses are always fab!

    Visiting from the linkup. I’d love it if you can visit my blog, too. Looking forward to seeing you there:

  6. Oh great...let me know how your new dress goes and learn any more tips. I can't wait to pop by your site and see your dress!

  7. char_Sydney AustraliaDecember 10, 2016 at 8:35 PM

    Hi Merrie
    firstly, let me tell look so gorgeous with all the eShakti dress!
    and thanks so much for sharing this info, very hard to pick any dress for curvy girl like me. wish we could have more of this custom made websites around...


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