Friday, September 5, 2014

Things I won't miss about Phoenix

Hi Ladies.
A few week's ago I shared some of my favorite things about phoenix. This week I'll share some of the things that I never got used to...

  • Guns and UPS don't mix!
What do guns and UPS have to do with each other? I don't know, but what I do know is that due to Arizona's open carry law, you find guns in the weirdest, most uncomfortable places. I had never seen a gun in real life, but since I moved to Phoenix I've seen 2 HUGE ones. The first was strapped to a man's hip as he casually leaned against the entrance of my suburban Target. The second was strapped to what looked like a teenager's hip in UPS. What really upset me about the UPS one was that she was WORKING there! Yes, the mail sorter at my local UPS, in ultra posh Scottsdale, was so concerned about her safety that she needed to strap a luger to her thigh while sorting the mail...

Come on! The only thing that people in Scottsdale do is shop, eat and go to spas and this store is placing it's faith in a teenager?? I don't get it!

This is what I believe she thought she looked's a little intimidating when all you want to do is mail your shoes back to Zappos.
  • The weather
I know I say this a lot, but I'll say it one last's soooo hot in Phoenix! I'm from the South, so I know heat, but I never hated heat until I moved to Phoenix. Check out the average high temperatures below. May is an average of 95 degrees!!!!

May Weather
Average temperature: 82
Average high temperature: 95

June Weather
Average temperature: 91
Average high temperature: 104

July Weather
Average temperature: 95
Average high temperature: 106

August Weather
Average temperature: 94
Average high temperature: 104

September Weather
Average temperature: 88
Average high temperature: 100

October Weather
Average temperature: 77
Average high temperature: 89

  • Snakes
This last one is kinda cool, but also not. I have a fondness for snakes. I'm kinda scared of them, but they also seem pretty cool. (When I found a small one on the sidewalk, like the black one at the bottom, I stopped to poke it.) :) However, phoenix has huge rattlesnakes, which are not cute! They are especially un-cute when curled around a lamppost that you just put your foot down next to while out for a jog. Also, to make it worse...the snake didn't even flinch...I put my foot down within 6 inches of his head and he didn't move a muscle! I freaked out and did a little dance, but he was so sure that I would move out of his way that he didn't even move...I don't like that :(


I don't want to leave on a bad note, so I'll add one last thing I love about Phoenix...they know how to appreciate a rainstorm! When it rains, people go out on thier porch to watch appreciate it like Sourtherns appreciate snow. (On average it rains just 8 inches a year there, compared to Atlanta which gets 49 inches a year.) To top it all off, the sky is vast, with not buildings to get in the way, so rainbows will literally arc across the whole sky! People pull over to the side of the road to look at them, like this person did here. :)

Take care ya'll! Next week I expect to have some pics of my new place...Yay!!!


  1. Merrie. gasp. Merrie. gasp. Merrie. gasp gasp gasp. You POKED a snake?! I am freaking out. Please do not do that again. Oh. My. Gosh. gasp gasp gasp.

    On another note - if it ever rains here in California we will all act like Arizonians and run outside to feel it and stare at it and marvel at it.

    And about the guns. Wow. Just plain horrifying.

    Yay! So glad you are back! Can't wait to see pics of your new place and hear how you and the kitties are settling in to California.

    xoxo! cynthia

  2. Snakes, yikes! I had one in my backyard and was scared to leave the house. And the guns, well, we have that now too and it sucks.

    1. What? are you serious? they have open carry laws in atl? omg...


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