Monday, August 18, 2014

Out of Office

Hi Ladies,
Well, I tried to keep up with my posts during the move and start of the new job, but I finally had to admit that I'm beat! I'm going to have to put my blog on hold for a few weeks until I can get settled and finally start taking some pictures. My next post will be the first week of September. Take care! I'll miss chatting with you. :(


  1. Hey Merrie, will definitely miss you! Chat with you in September!

  2. See ya in September. August is a slow month anyway for bloggers I have noticed.

  3. I took a week away from the internet and it felt so good. Hope to see you back soon and enjoy the last weeks of summer ;)
    Best, Elba

  4. Oh heyyyy!! Thanks for dropping by my blog to let me know you're still peeking in here and there even when you're out of office! Hope you are settling in well to your new job and town and everything and am looking forward to your next post and update. September starts on MONDAY! Be there or be square. LOL
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  5. Hey ,
    you have a great blog ,would you like to follow each other !
    keep in touch

  6. I can totally understand you, my dear. I went on a long 3 weeks holiday in August and even that I had scheduled posts, I came back to realize that tumblr is not working with Bloglovin any more. So I had to rework my whole blog. Hopefully, I'll see you around soon.
    I hope you moving has been all good! xx


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