Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Things I loved about Phoenix

Hi Ladies,
As you know...I'm moving from Hot-as-Heck-Phoenix and starting a new life in San Fran! By the time you read this, I will probably (god willing) have moved into my new apartment. Yay! A lot of people may not know anything about Phoenix...except that it's the place where escaped convicts go to live out the rest of their lives, people get relocated for witness protection and that it can be substituted into any sentence that calls for Timbuktu. For instance, "After Sam ratted on the mob boss, I heard he was moved to Timbuktu or something...yeah...Phoenix." - OR - "Such and Such escaped off a prison bus some where in a small town in Arizona...yeah...he joined a pack of Coyotes and loves rattlesnake meat!" 

Maybe this is just my perspective, since I'm from the east coast, but until I got offered a job there, I didn't even know where Arizona was on the map! I certainly didn't know that it's the center of a party vortex (exactly 6 hours from Los Angles, San Diego and Las Vegas). I've also learned that there are quite a few magical things about Phoenix that you would never guess! :)

- It rains about 10 times a year here! This may not seem like a plus, but if you like outdoor activities, like biking, hiking or taking pictures for your will be able to do 365 days a year. If it does rain, it's only for about 10 mins.

- There are also so many animals here and they are always about! During spring, which runs from February to May, everything is hatching.
 I took the picture on the left from my car with my iphone. Sorry the quality is so bad, but I doubt the birds would've waited. :)This is a mommy quail (or daddy) with her little babies following behind her. So can barely tell, but there are 5 of them. (The picture on the right, is what the babies look like up close.)

This is the underside of the roof of my car port. There were 3 baby bird nests this year! I don't know what kind they were, but one day I got to see a wobbly one, stand on her feet at the edge of her nest...I assume she was about to take off, but it looked like she feel asleep and I couldn't wait for ever. LOL

 This is the view from outside of my living room. I go biking here. (You can't see it, but there is a trail.) I see a lot of Coyotes and rattle snakes here.

However, I also get to see cute stuff like this. These little bunnies are everywhere in Phoenix and there are tons of babies during spring.

Well, there you have it! A tour of phoenix from an animal lover's perspective. :)

Have a great week! :)


  1. Oh wow, you're moving to a very interesting place indeed. I'm really happy that you're exploring and finding such interesting things. The animals around are so cool... I guess you'll be playing with lots of fluffy babies, especially in Spring time.
    Looking forward to your new posts and outdoor outfit pictures, dear! :))

    Lu |

    P.S. I replied to you #VeryInspiringBlogger tag - thank you so much for it! xx

    1. LOL...I wish I could play with them! I guess I could've petted the baby birds, but the mom would've probably smelled me on them and abandoned them...i don't know...cats are like that

  2. Hope your move went well - San Fran is beautiful!

  3. Okay so I had no idea that Arizona was for convicts and witness protection people. I also think I would panic if I saw a coyote or a rattle snake while I was riding a bike. Yikes. The bunny and birds are cute at least.
    Hope you are getting settled in!

    1. I don't mean that it's for convicts and witness protection people, (i live but just start paying attention to how arizona is used in sentences...i guarantee you will hear it referred to in that way a ton! :)

  4. You are moving to a wonderful, and vibrant city, how exciting! I LOVE San Fran. It was interesting to learn more about Arizona. It's not too far away flying from my state but I've never been although I have been to all the fun states you listed above haha.
    Had no idea about Phoenix other than the hot weather. My state is FULL of animals as well from raccoons, to squirrels, to a lot of deers, to Cayotes. It was nice to see Phoenix through an animal lovers eyes. Lovely post and blog, XOXO, Elif

    1. Oh lucky you! I love being so close to animals...i kinda grew up in a city, so squirrels were about the only think we saw :)

  5. I never thought of Phoenix as having a lot of wild life or being so interesting! I hope you are settling into San Francisco!!

    Nicole to the Nines


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