Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Striped Blazer and Denim Trousers

Striped Blazer and Denim Trousers
Hi Ladies,
Just a quickie post today! I'm packing and wrapping stuff up at work, so things are crazy! I wanted to quickly point out that I love denim trousers by Banana Republic. When my weight fluctuates, I just buy a larger size and I find that they fit well over a large range of sizes...they go up to a 16 regular and 14 in petite. Anyway, just a thought if you are looking for denim. Take Care :) 

Denim Trousershere
Blazer: similar styles below
Necklace: similar, similar

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  1. I love denim trousers! I have a pair from Loft from a few years ago and I still wear them a lot! And I think I need to invest in a striped blazer for fall. I love that look from Lands End!! Susan

  2. I love denim trousers too! Mine are from the GAP and I am also still wearing them a few years later. Can't wait for it to get cooler so I can wear my blazers. You look fabulous in your minty striped one. Happy Moving!

  3. Love that jacket and of course you have the best accessories. Love the tailored look of the trousers too,

  4. That blazer is awesome, and I really like the look of denim trousers :)

  5. Great tips again Merrie! Love the blazer! It is gorgeous!

    xo, Kenya

  6. I like this monochrome look and the stripy blazer. It looks very nice against the texture of the top.

    Lu |

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