Monday, July 7, 2014

How to Choose and Alter a Fit and Flair Dress

Curvy, Petite Outfit Ideas | Professional and Casual-Chic Fashion and Style Inspiration | How to Choose and Alter a Fit and Flair Dress
Hi Ladies,
Here's another look at my Banana Republic Fit and Flair dress. I love this dress because of it's soft stretchy material and flattering silhouette. (See the other way I styled it here.)  

I forgot to include my alterations diagram with the last outfit, so check it out below. Also. I've provided a few different styling options for different body shapes.

What do you think of Fit and Flair dresses?
Curvy, Petite Outfit Ideas | Professional and Casual-Chic Fashion and Style Inspiration | Cobalt Fit and Flair Dress & Navy Cardigan

Dress: here
Belt: here
Cardi: similar, on sale!
Shoes: similar in tan, red and black

These are the fit issues before I fixed them with alterations:

 This is what it looked like after alterations:
 (I feel like a bad infomercial for comparing these two Gee...which do you prefer? One of me barefoot, tagged and under florescent light, or the second one? :))
  • Strap length: easy alteration ($15)
  • Skirt width: advanced alteration: she took out a pleat on each side. I already have wide hips, so I didn't need a pleat right there adding emphasis. I would only trust this job to a skilled tailor and one that you can communicate easily with. ($35)

If you carry weight in your hips,

like I do..make the alterations and go forward. Taking out some of the volume will make the dress flatter your hips, and not add bulk. Going forward, look out for dresses with pleats starting at the waist... especially if they are tiny pleats. If you don't want to have to take out a pleat or get them sewn down, look for ones that don't have pleats on the side -or- the pleats are sewn down to  start near the top of your hip

If you carry weight in your torso,

 don't remove width from the skirt. Chances are that adding volume to your bottom half will emphasize your waist and balance out your top half. Check out Selma Hayek below to see what i mean...she definitely carries her weight up top. :) 

Here are a few other pretty Fit and Flair dress options. The all include some stretch, which makes them extra comfy!

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  1. You look stunning in that dress! The color and the tailoring is so flattering on you!

  2. Yes, the alterations diagrams are back!! That shade of blue is gorgeous on you. (Love the comparison to infomercial before/afters. SO TRUE!! Ha ha)

  3. Good color on you! A good tailor is a must for petite ladies!

  4. I love this dress on you! Gorgeous color and great fit! Fab tips too!

    xo, Kenya

  5. I purchased a fabulous dress from an American website, but I didn't consider the differences in the sizing and that I'm a skinny petite in particular, so now I'm in a serious need of alterations of the dress before I'm able to wear it. I need to follow your example and find someone to fix it for me.
    Great post and I love the final result with the dress on you :)

    Lu |

    1. Yeah, you should totally do it...I've bought dresses that are too big and then had them tailored down.

  6. love it! it's always best to get clothing altered to fit us perfectly -- i just get so lazy to do it! :) i have maxi skirts that i really should get the length altered!

    would love to invite you to link up as well! --
    Rhea, Et Cetera - Style to Inspire

    happy monday!
    rhea | Rhea, Et Cetera

  7. I love this color on you! This is one of my favorite styles for a dress and I can't believe that some little adjustments can make it look so different! You look gorgeous! Susan

  8. Thank you, Merrie! Love when you talk about alterations. It's interesting because in the before shot the dress already looks great on you - but then after the alterations it looks so freaking fabulous!! Such a pretty blue too!
    I do love fit and flare dresses! And they work on everybody. For me, I always have to get the bodice adjusted on them because they tend to fit me in the waist but are then too big in the bust.

    1. Yeah, i usually have that same problem too, except when they use stretchy materials like this one. :)

  9. I love these flare dresses, they really look great on everyone! Stopping by from the blog hop, happy to be your newest follower!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you like the dress...can't wait to check out ur blog :)

  10. This is great advice on how to alter dresses for our figures. Its so important to know this as sometimes you fall in love with dresses that just don't suit you but altering them means you can still wear them if that makes sense?

    1. Oh, i have that problem all the time! I hate that they don't make most dresses for petities...I've Hacked up many dresses to get them to fit :)

  11. What a cute dress! It looks the perfect base for many different looks.

  12. I love your infomercial shots - they're so spot on! You look amazing in that dress!



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