Monday, June 30, 2014

Top Shop: Shopping Guide

Top Shop: Shopping Guide

Hello Ladies,
I was in Chicago last weekend when I passed the huge Top Shop store on the Magnificent Mile. Top Shop has been carrying petites for a while, but I never had access to try them on. (They only have a few stores in the U.S. and Nordstom only carries their petites online.) If you don't know what Topshop is, it's a British brand that focuses on very trendy clothing.


Shopping Tips

  • Quality (value for price):

    I would categorize it as fast fashion, but the quality is much nicer than H&M and F21. I would compare it to Express. (Their prices are also similar to Express', except that they don't have awesome sales.)
  • Prices: average $30 - $100

  • Fit/ Sizing:  It's more of a junior's department fit, so curvy girls beware! 

    • Nordstrom: carries up to a 12P 
    • carries up to a10P
  • Why shop here

    When you want to add trendy pieces to your wardrobe that fit well. 
  • Shopping Strategy: 

    • Regardless of where your curves are, look for full skirts, wide leg pants, shirts with drape/ stretch or structured shirts. 
    • This is not the place to try on skinny jeans if you wear a size 12 - you will get your feelings hurt. :)  Therefore, I stuck to full skirts on the bottom, and any top (since I'm smaller on top). This strategy worked well and I was able to buy the same sizes that I would get at Banana Republic or Ann Taylor.
    • If you don't have a large tush, then go for the short dresses and jumpsuits. (I would have to stand with my back against the wall in!)
    • Expect to go up a size if the item doesn't have any stretch. 
    • Checkout the accessories and handbags section. I found much better quality and style than H&M, but the same amount of stuff. Plus, it was organized better.
  • Return policy:

    • If you shop at, it's not good. You have 14 days to return a shipped package or a month to drop it off at a store. (This sucks! Click here for more details.)
    • Therefore, I would recommend buying from Nordstrom. From what I can tell, they carry the same merchandise and Nordstrom has a much more generous return policy.
  • Clothing Review: 


I loved this tee! It was super comfortable, in a pretty aqua color and had organza flowers at the bottom.  I can imagine wearing it with a pencil skirt similar to the one I'm wearing above and some heels. I liked size 8P and would consider sizing down in this top.

Click here for shopping details: Pink, White , Stripe

I tried this top on it a 10P, which fit true to size. I didn't think this was going to be particularly flattering on me, because the ruffles would hide my waist, but it was ok. I think it would look better on someone who is less curvy, plus...look at the back! How cute is that?

Click here for shopping details: Ruffle Tank

Ok, so this skirt doesn't look flattering on me in either picture, but I thought I'd throw it in for some variety :). Honestly, I don't look good in skirts where the lining stops half way and these tiny pleats are always iffy. Anyway, it was the only skirt I saw that looked like it would be comfortable AND cute, so I tried it on. I tried on a 12 misses and felt like it fit the same as an Ann Taylor or Ban Rep one, however the waist is elastic, so their other skirts may not fit the as well.  I'd love to see this on someone with hips smaller than their torso, I bet it would be very cute.

Click here for shopping details: Midi Skirt

I love these bejeweled, lucite clutches at Top Shop, but they don't sell them online. :(

Have any of you tried Top Shop or have any shopping suggestions?

Take Care!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Swimsuits for Swimming & Sunbathing

Hi Ladies, I gotta say that I love all these retro inspired swimsuits! How cute is the polka dot panel on the left & the right one is nearly a bikini, but a lot more secure. Both of theses look great and should give enough coverage for swimming. I mean, I wouldn't wear them against Phelps on an Olympic trial, but they should be good enough for most swimming. :)
Swimsuits for Swimming

This is the funnest category. :) You can own a million of these swimsuits, especially the way most are priced. My only criteria for selecting theses suits is that they be strapless, to reduce tan lines. I adore the all black number below; how cute is that bow cut out?? I believe it also comes in white. Hope you enjoy!
Swimsuits for Sunbathing
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Black Shirt Dress + Aqua Accessories

Black Shirt Dress + Aqua Accessories
Hi Ladies,
I love this black shirt dress because it's light weight, yet professional. The last time I wore it, I styled it with neurtal accesories, so this time I thought I'd go for a pop of color! This dress is on sale, but if you time it right, you can get an additional percent off when Ann Taylor has a sale. :)
Black Shirt Dress + Aqua Accessories

Monday, June 23, 2014

Radiant Orchid Dress: Eshakti Review

Hi Ladies,
Do you like cute, trendy clothing, but struggle to find a fit that flatters you? Have you always dreamed of customized clothing, but were afraid of the price? If so, I'm happy to share eShakti with you!

For years, I watched eShakti before starting my blog, but I was too afraid to make a purchase. The prices were all in $60 - $80 range, which is less than I pay for a dress + tailoring, but I was scared to order customized clothing online. However, I shouldn't have worried, because they have an awesome return policy! (Full refund w/i 30 days + 20% if you put it on a gift card.) Therefore, when they contacted me to review an item, I was thrilled and jumped at the chance!

Since I've had the chance to work with eShakti, I've learned a few other great things about their company:
  • All items come in sizes 0 - 36W
  • Completely customizable to your height and measurements.
  • If you are a little intimidated by taking your own measurements...don't be! The only one I needed help with was the shoulders. You can ask a friend or family member to do it. (I  popped in to my local tailors.) eShakti makes it very easy by providing a handy measuring guide. TIP: if you are between sizes, for instance if your bust is 33.5 inches, you can select 33 or 34 on the form and then put your exact measurement in the comments.
One thing to note is that they take a maximum of 14 business days to deliver, although some items take less.
Get get 10% OFF using the coupon code 'petites'– valid from 06/07/2014 – 07/07/2014.

Learn more about eShakti on FB & Pinterest!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sexy One-piece Swimsuits

Glamorous Swimsuits

Click on images below to buy:

Cute One-pieces for Pool Parties

Click on images below to buy:

Hi Ladies,
About two years ago, I decided that I no longer liked how bikinis look on me. This wasn't a big deal, since I don't really go to the pool that often. However, this year, I decided that I wanted to lay out. Thus began the hunt for a swimsuit that I love. First, I made an appointment with a nordstrom stylist, which are free, to help me find one. I told her my concerns and she brought out a few bikinis and one-pieces for me to try on. I was skeptical about the one-pieces, because I associated them with being matronly. However, when I tried on one by "Bleu Rod", it was love at first site.

Therefore, I've decide to do a series one cute and sexy one-pieces that can be worn for a variety of situations. I think that one-pieces are a great way to flatter your figure when you want to be a little more covered up.

I will be continuing this series over the next 2 fridays. Enjoy!

The one I bought...

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Peter Pan Collar Dress

Ann Taylor Peter Pan Collar Dress

Hi Ladies,
An interesting thing happened to me the other day…as a blogger I can see what search words people use to find my website. I was checking them out and noticed that quite a few people found me through the phrase “petite career interracial”. I thought that was kinda weird…I couldn’t recall ever using that phrase in any of my blog posts, and it’s certainly not in the title. I decided to click on it. 

Well, let me just say that I recommend you NOT do that at work. It returned tons and tons of pages, but as I looked closer I realized that they were all for the opposite of what my blog is for. You know…I talk about putting clothes on petite women and these sites were about taking them off. Oh well, there goes a whole segment of the market that I guess I won’t be winning over. :)

So, for those of you who stumbled upon my blog while looking for something else: "Thanks for stopping by!" Although, I have to say I'm impressed you are still reading, considering that by now you know I won't be describing how I like to take long walks in the moonlight or ride my horse along the beach with the wind in my hair. :)

P.S. Sorry, I cut off my shoes in all of these shots. I guess it was one of those days... :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pale Blue Fluted Skirt and Aqua Cardi

Loft Pale Blue Skirt and Aqua J. Crew Cardi
Hi Ladies,
While I'm working on this post, I'm sitting on my bed watching "Siberian Tiger Quest" by Nature (on Netflix). It's about a Korean man who left his wife and kids and went to live in a pit in Sibera to study tigers. (Yes, it was of his own volition. No, he was not being paid to do this. Yes, this is the same Siberia that felled Napoleon's army.) He said it was minus 30 degrees outside and inside, and all he bought to eat were 300 bags of cooked rice, nuts and a container of salt. He stayed in the pit for 3 months before he saw any tigers and then stayed another 4 months video taping them. One night, a family who's matriarch he'd named "Bloody Mary" (pause),  jumped on the roof of his pit and broke through trying to get at him. Then suddenly they left...

While I admire the man's fearlessness and determination, and realize that this awesome documentary couldn't have been made w/o his sacrifice...I can't help but wonder if he's crazy. I also can't help but feel for his poor wife, who I'm sure was simultaneously wondering if she'll ever see him again and mentally kicking him for not bringing any vegetables.

It's true that this story has nothing to doing with fashion, beauty or being petite, but I thought it was interesting. So, if you are looking for a tie-in, here it is: "Be bold!". (But not too bold...Siberia is really cold and he could've wound up as an appetizer for Bloody Mary and her 3 cubs.)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Couple Selfies

Hi Ladies,
It's currently 109 degrees in Phoenix today, even though it's 7pm in the evening! Because of the rising temps, I'm having a hard time taking photos outdoors. I took these inside, so sorry that they aren't great. Hope you still enjoy!

Blue Banana Republic Dress and Red J Crew Cardi

Actually, I think it was the fault of my photography assistant... she was too busy grooming herself the whole time. :)

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Comfiest shoes of the season

Comfiest shoes of the season

Hi Ladies, 
Hope you had a great weekend! Did anyone watch California Chrome race this weekend? I'm not into horse racing, but when I went to brunch, the lady sitting next to me was freaking out over the upcoming race and she told me all about his achievements. Then, when I went to get lunch, they happened to have the race on. I had never watched a horse race before, so I found myself surprised that I was sad when he lost. I also loved the fact that the whole event took about a minute! As a person who has been forced to sit through hours of baseball and basketball games that I didn't care about, I found this refreshing. One question though, do they actually hit the horses with the whip? If so, this would change how I feel about the races.

Today, I want to share some of my favorite shoes from this season with you. I'm a firm believer that you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort! I've personally tried on all of these shoes and bought most of them :). For reference, my foot is wider in the toe area, but I have a narrow heel.

What do you think...have you tried any?