Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Colorful Bracelets for Spring!

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Hi Ladies,
Hope you checkout some of these ways to add a little extra color to your outfits! Meanwhile, I've been on history binge this month. I've always loved world history. It was one of my favorite subjects in school and I've been churning through them lately.

This is my favorite so far:
It's no surprise that this is a national best seller! It's a fast read and even faster when you listen to it. I didn't know much about the Mongolian world, other than wondering whether my "Mongolian Beef" actually came from there, but now I know that it's a fascinating and unique world. I actually found myself thinking that I would've liked to be part of his empire...except for the "running off with people's wives" and the fact that he was at war for 90% of this life. 
I'm a big fan of listening to books on tape. I use audible, but iTunes and Amazon also sell them. It's a great way to entertain yourself during long drives or when you are doing something boring at work. Has anyone else tried them?

I'm also almost done with :
This one doesn't flow as well as the previous book. I found myself drifting off sometimes and wondering how we jumped from medieval Korea to President Lincoln, but I guess you have to skim over something! It covers every event that the author found "important" since the beginning of humankind. Not surprisingly, it's 26 hours. It's also a TV special on the BBC, so that might be more your thing. :)

Finally, since I'm talking about history, I have to shout out to the: 

It's free and I've been in love with them for years! It's currently being hosted by two women from Atlanta and they are kinda chatty, so even if history isn't your thing - they make it interesting.

Hope you try some! What reading genres are you into? :)

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  1. Beautiful little pieces. My favourite is the neon one from the top right corner :)


  2. That book on Genghis Khan sounds interesting. And I am definitely going to have to check out that podcast. History is so fascinating and interesting but so many of my history teachers were bad and made it boring. I am trying to read the history of Pancho Villa and the book is so dry I can't get past the first chapter. Ugh. And it should be fascinating. Thanks so much for the recommendations.

    1. Yeah, there is nothing worse than a dry history you are going to make me google pancho villa...I've never heard of it :). It's interesting...your post on audrey hepburn reminded me of the kind of podcast they would do...they always pull up people who you thought you knew and then tell you the most amazing things about them! Hope you like it!


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