Friday, March 7, 2014

OOTD: Preppy in Paradise

Green gap pants & blue bradamant bodysuit

Hi Ladies,
It's 80 degrees in Phoenix today and I'm wearing navy and green (one of my favorite combinations.) It's about to get really hot here, so I'm enjoying the mild weather. Did you know that it's 120 degrees pretty much every day in the summer!?! I can wear sandals year round, but I don't! I fight it and force the seasons. So, since it's still pleasant and I can wear long sleeve blouses, I was delighted to receive this blouse to review by Bradamant. You know how much I love bow-neck blouses, but the really cool thing about this blouse is that it's specially designed to stayed tucked-in smoothly. Read on...

(Full Disclosure: I used fashion tape to get the bow to stay so wide and open. :) If not, it would look more like the picture at the bottom.)

Blouse c/o BradamantTotePants/Pin (Ebay, searched for "Vintage Bow Pins")/ Cuff (Rocks Box)/ Bracelet

"Everything that can be invented – has already been invented" (source)
We proved this wrong with the iPhone, now let's prove it wrong again! Take the plain collared looks great, is slimming and adds a polished air to any look you have. I bet you thought it couldn't get any better? Sure, you can add new colors and prints, but surely there is nothing bold and compelling that you can do with a shirt. Right? Right?

Wrong! Look at what the ladies at Bradamant have done.
Now, I know a few of you may be saying that you've seen a body suit before, so what's the big deal? Well...
  • These are high quality blouses, for instance this one is 100% silk.
  • They are designed to be worn with modern low rise pants and skirts.
  • They come in really cute designs that are in synch with the latest trends. Here are two of my favorites:

  • Normally I buy a Medium Petite or Small Misses in tops at Gap, BR and Ann Taylor. However, since this top is 100% silk and I am neurotic about shirts fitting tight under my arms, I went with a medium. It fits perfectly, other than the sleeves. (This is always an issue for Petites). For this post I just cuffed them, but plan to get them tailored. (This should cost about $15-$20, since it's silk.)

Looking for ways to save?
  • Bradamant has recently launched a program called Reach Rewards. In an effort to support women in their careers, Bradamant will award you points for your achievements! There are just 2 easy steps: 
    • Complete your task (Ex: Apply for a new job. Give a big presentation.) 
    • Share your achievement on Facebook or through email. 
  • Then, use your rewards towards your next purchase! Click here for additional details. 
  • Also, checkout their sale page.
Finally, I want to announce the Before I Shop Giveaway WinnerAlyssa Maddox. Congrats, Alyssa I will reach out to you by email!

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  1. Super cute look! I love the navy with the green, and that bow is adorable. I remember wearing body suits in junior high, but I love the new look of them. I especially love the striped one you featured, I'll definitely be checking that out.

    1. Haha...I know...body suits have a bad rep, but this one was super comfortable and didn't make me feel like a blast from the 90s. :)

  2. I just bought a Kelly green top and some navy shorts to wear it with. Those two colors just pair well together. Your outfit is perfect for Spring. Heck it's perfect all seasons.


    1. Ooh...that sounds like a really cute combo...kelly green is so flattering...I hope you'll post it! :)

  3. I love this shade of green and it looks so fabulous on you. This is a beautiful and classy combination.

  4. I didn't win?! WHAT?! This isn't right. If the prize goes unclaimed let me know....Love your color combination though and as much as bodysuits make me think of 1992, they really do have a practical application. And thank you for disclosing the use of fashion tape...those things actually do matter! :)
    On the Daily Express

    1. LOL...I know..if only this was a post-apocolyptic world and you were the only person on the planet...think about all the awesome prizes you could win! Hmmm...we'll need to put some more thought into this... I know...body suits have such a bad rap...anyone feel like watching some Beverly Hills 90210? :)

  5. Such a chic and elegant style :))


  6. Love blue and green together! Isn't fashion tape awesome?! I will have to try a bodysuit. I get so annoyed when my shirt is too short and comes untucked. The pink/orange is so bright and lovely!

    1. you are one of those tall people, huh? The other side...I wish I had that problem, but alas...shirts are never too short for me. :)

  7. Great color combo. It looks great on you. Thanks for linking up this week. xo ~ Fashionista Momma

  8. i love your green pants, such a great way to spice up a work outfit! p.s. i'm in phoenix too :)

    xo brie

  9. Those pants are a fantastic colour!


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