Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nailette Review + Modcloth Goes to Work!

Hi Ladies,
I finally got around to reviewing my Feb Nailette box! For $8 a month, I get two colors selected just for me, based on my tastes and skin tone. The other great thing is that they send small sizes, so you won't feel guilty if you only wear a color once or twice. :)
Cute packaging! When I first saw it in my mailbox, it made me feel like I was getting a gift from Hello Kitty. (Wait, does that exist? Hello Kitty should totally do a subscription service! It wouldn't specifically be for old adults, but we could subscribe to it to indulge in our Hello Kitty fantasies without the judgement of others. Let's keep this just between me and you...)

When I first opened the box I thought these were the same two colors, but on closer inspection I realized that one is a lovely plum and the other is a dark burgundy. Unfortantely, neither of them go with my current wardrobe theme of "Winter Bright's", so I haven't worn them yet. However, luckily The Polish Aholic has! She was kind enough to let me use her photos (see below) and if you are looking for the latest shades or cool nail art designs...check out her blog!

(It's the second nail from the top)

I'm going to hold onto these polishes for fall or maybe rock them with a white dress in mid summer. :)

Update on We Are Onyx: I went ahead and cancelled my subscription. I found that they mostly send hair care products and I can only use shampoos from my dermatologist. Plus, I think they are more geared towards people with curly hair who want to wear it curly.

I've also been asked by ModCloth to create a collection with one of their dresses. Since my blog is focused on professional clothes, I've put together a look that I think Betty Boop would wear to work. Let me know what you think! :) 
Vintage Showers Bring Spring Flowers
Vintage Showers Bring Spring Flowers by petitecareergirl featuring a green handbag

If you are interested in buying any of these here.
Have a great weekend!

I'm also happy to announce that my "Three Ways to Style a Wrap Dress" post was selected for IFB's Links a la Mode. Be sure to checkout the other winners below. :)


Wouldn't you know it?

Did you know there (at least) SEVEN kinds of mascara? As someone who lives off of mascara, my mind was blown. Finding the perfect mascara has been a bit like the quest for El Dorado. You know, because a girl has her priorities. Did you also know that if you buy something at certain stores and it goes on sale within a few weeks, they'll refund the difference? I had no clue! This week with fashion month in it's home stretch and Spring on the verge springing we have all kinds of tips and tricks for you to add to your arsenal of fashion goodness. You'll be a total fashion braniac before you finish out the links!

Links à la Mode: February 27th

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  1. I like the cute little box too. I think you should experiment with the colour and let them compliment a dark outfit :)


    1. Yeah, I think they would go great with dark colors or browns...I will def try!

  2. 1) I think Betty Boop would approve the work outfit, sans butterflies. But I assume those just follow her around town and she doesn't necessarily wear them to work. 2) Congrats on being a featured link a la mode! 3) Love both of those nail colors...although I'm so ready for pastel nails for spring! 4) Hello Kitty subscription service would make a killing! I think that's your path to fame & fortune right there...
    On the Daily Express

    1. don't bring your butterflies to work? I totally do! How else and I supposed to do my snow white impersonations!?! :) I'm putting the Hello Kitty service in my back pocket for a rainy day...

  3. I haven't heard of this subscription box before. I love both colors and like you said would be great for fall, but I also love the idea of wearing one with a white dress!

    1. Yes, you should and I should've mentioned that this was actually my February box, so these colors would be totally appropriate! :)

  4. I would be the first to sign up for a Hello Kitty subscription service!
    I am really liking the Essie polish but I think you are right - it is more of a fall color or a mid summer color when you get sick of summer pastels.
    Congrats on the ModCloth collaboration!! Love your pics!

    1. Yeah, this was actually from the Feb box, so I should've worn them earlier!

  5. Those nail colours would be perfect for us on the other side of the world as we head towards winter. Do a feature nail with a bright pink and they'd rock! Thanks for joining Wardrobe Wednesday.

    1. Yeah, I should've mentioned that this was actually my Feb box...I was a little late in posting. My March box had some really nice brights...I'll post it towards the end of the month.


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