Monday, March 10, 2014

A Photo Diary of my weekend in SFO (Plus a little food porn...)

A tour of union square....
Left column: Harijuku store in Union Square - it was full of cute little-bow-peep outfits/ Minamoto Kitchoan- japanese sweet shop near Union Square, my favorite is the sesame seed covered mochi.
Middle column: Israeli beauty supply store: Laline* - such a cute store and good prices/ A jumbo coffee cup from David's tea - the only way to drink coffee!/ A creme brûlée food stand - need I say more!?!
Right column: Papri Chaat from Chaat Cafes - there aren't any good Indian restaurants in phoenix, so I jump at the chance when I visit other cities./ Sauteed eggplant and tofu from Loving Hut/ Lavender creme brûlée from the food stand - very mild, I'll try the nutella and strawberry next time.

*This store is actually 15 mins from Union Square

Hi Ladies,
I had a wonderful trip to San Francisco a few weeks ago! I just needed a last minute get away to de-stress. Here's a photo diary of cool stuff I saw:
 I'm hoping one of you DIY ladies will recreate this. I saw it at a boutique on Chester street. Apparently the owner made it herself by spray painting a big branch. Then they used it as a jewelry stand. It was soooooo cute!

I got my "thai-on" at Osha Thai! The chicken was a little overcooked, but the pad thai was delicious. They also get bonus points for having delicious lychee tea, free refills on thai iced tea and mango sticky rice!

 Here are a few selfies I snapped. Want to know something interesting? There is something extremely appealing to men about this lobster sweater from J. Crew. I have never received so many compliments on an outfit that covers up everything!

I indulged in mink eyelashes from a kiosk at the out J-Lo! Can you believe they had about 30 different kinds? I bought the most natural ones (you can see the picture above) and will wear them in my next shoot. I don't know why they look so shiny in the picture.

I also got a mani and pedi. Sugarcoat does manis and pedis, but Top Coat only does manis and specializes in nail art (they also have a shop in NY).

Sigh...this was my final treat and highlights one of my favorite things about's airport! I'm not exaggerating here, but the food is awesome! Many of the really nice, non-chain restaurants in Phoenix also have locations at the airport. I don't know what is special about phoenix, but you'll never have to settle for luke warm pizza or McDonald's. To illustrate, I had red wine braised short ribs on a baguette with blue cheese. There's aioli for the french fries. They even had home made, gourmet snacks for your trip. The cap'n crunch marshmallow krispie was awesome, but they also had homemade almond butter toffee and andes bars.

I rolled out of the airport, went home and went to bed. :)

BTW...I stayed at Park 55 and The Prescott. Both were 4 stars and a good price. They were clean and pleasant, but not posh like a Westin. Check 'em out!

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  1. It seems like you've had a very productive weekend :))|
    Lovely photos!


    1. Food and fashion...maybe a little beach thrown in or a zoo...that's all I need for a great vacation. :)

  2. much delicious food! Cap'n Crunch and Creme Brulee! (And yes- next time get the nutella one!) Sounds like you had a great time in San Francisco and I made a mental note about the lobster sweater. That is so random! Maybe there is some subculture significance to it that classy, posh ladies like you and I would not understand. ;) -Gina
    On the Daily Express

    1. Yeah...more likely they are thinking "This girl loves red lobster so much that she's willing to rock their sweater...she's probably a cheap date"

    2. LMAO!! I had not considered that option, but maybe you have a point there. And FYI I saw that you called me a PUSHER on Skye's page. That's soooo not true. But if you want to be further pursued by random men try out the leopard sandals we wore today because it's a fact that I got two comments from men on them in their first outing. They specifically said they liked my shoes and asked where I got them. But that's not pushing, that's just sharing a story. :P

    3. I meant Pusher in a good way...LOL! Think about already have your own theme song..."Pusher" by Ice T!!! (Of course I can only recommend the PG version.) And yes, those leopard sandals are fabulous...I think I might like something like them...I think I will keep an eye out for similar ones...maybe I'll take a trip to the mall this weekend.'re doing it again! I'm too susceptible

  3. OMG, I want to eat it all! I love a good foodie post! And Gina is cracking me up with the, "I'M NOT A PUSHER" comment. Gosh, Merrie!

    1. Thanks...yeah...she cracks me up! :)


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