Monday, March 31, 2014

Petite Career Girl is Growing!

Hi All!
I was just chatting with On The Daily Express about getting an intern who would work for free in our little corners of the internet, when lo' and behold I thought: "I don't need to wait for an intern...I've got talent right here"! Out of this convo, the Petite Career Girl crew grew by 200% and now includes 2 junior editors! I have been promoted to "Top-Head-Honcho-Editor-in-Charge" and received a pay raise of 100% x $0, since my staff works for treats! Without further adieu, let me introduce:

Fine Living Editor: "Minnie The Silent Sidler"
(So named because she only communicates in written form and mysteriously winds up in pictures like here. She enjoys mini-marshmallows, bacon, bread and anything that helps her maintain her curvaceous figure. Vaseline = yum!)
 Style Icon: Lupita Nyongo!
Why? Because we both look beautiful in aqua...check us out!

Clean Living Editor: "Mary The Monster"
(So named for this incident and many, many others that have not been documented. :) She enjoys water, vegetables and surprises us everyday with her energy! She attributes her athletic build to a love of ball fetching and "Snoopy Wrestling".)
 Style Icon: Janelle Monae!
Why? Because we both know how to rock a good tux! I love Janelle's energy and bold fearless style, but I can also help her take her style to the next level...I wear my tux while bathing. :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Petit Vour & Nailette

Hi Ladies,
I'm so behind on my subscription box reviews, so thank you for bearing with me. I'll get back on track this month!
March Nailette Box

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Petite Extravaganza w/ The Limited!!

Hi Ladies,
I'm so excited that The Limited has started offering Petites! I've always loved their bright colors and cute, classic looks, but could not love them like I wanted to because their jackets and dresses didn't fit me right. However, starting this month, they now offer Petites! Here are some of my favorites from the collection, plus how I altered them for the perfect fit. They also offer shipping outside the U.S.; click here for details and other cool stores that do the same. (Note: this is not a paid or sponsored post, but I may make a few cents if you click on the affiliate links.)

P.S. Sorry that I have the "Inmate in a women's federal prision" expression in most of these pics, but concentrating is hard work!

Sizing: I bought a Large Petite. I usually size up in form fitting, clingy dresses and think that this one fits similar to a Large Petite at Banana Republic, GAP and Ann Taylor.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Out Sick

My move is on-hold due to a medical condition. I apologize that I will be responding to your comments and emails later than I would like. I really do enjoy reading them!  I'm looking forward to posting again on 3/25/13.

Thank you for stopping bye,

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Movin' to new gigs!

Hi Ladies,
I'm moving to a new apartment next week and you know what drama that can be!

My next post will be on 3/25. Can't wait to see you then!

Thank you for your readership,
- Merrie

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Photo Diary of my weekend in SFO (Plus a little food porn...)

A tour of union square....
Left column: Harijuku store in Union Square - it was full of cute little-bow-peep outfits/ Minamoto Kitchoan- japanese sweet shop near Union Square, my favorite is the sesame seed covered mochi.
Middle column: Israeli beauty supply store: Laline* - such a cute store and good prices/ A jumbo coffee cup from David's tea - the only way to drink coffee!/ A creme brûlée food stand - need I say more!?!
Right column: Papri Chaat from Chaat Cafes - there aren't any good Indian restaurants in phoenix, so I jump at the chance when I visit other cities./ Sauteed eggplant and tofu from Loving Hut/ Lavender creme brûlée from the food stand - very mild, I'll try the nutella and strawberry next time.

*This store is actually 15 mins from Union Square

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nailette Review + Modcloth Goes to Work!

Hi Ladies,
I finally got around to reviewing my Feb Nailette box! For $8 a month, I get two colors selected just for me, based on my tastes and skin tone. The other great thing is that they send small sizes, so you won't feel guilty if you only wear a color once or twice. :)
Cute packaging! When I first saw it in my mailbox, it made me feel like I was getting a gift from Hello Kitty. (Wait, does that exist? Hello Kitty should totally do a subscription service! It wouldn't specifically be for old adults, but we could subscribe to it to indulge in our Hello Kitty fantasies without the judgement of others. Let's keep this just between me and you...)