Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rocks Box Review (Plus a side of Chow Locally)

Hi Ladies,
It's Wednesday...hump day! Only two more days until friends, shopping and happy hours take over our lives. So, to get the fun started early, I want to answer two important questions: should you rent jewelry and should you let someone who you don't know and has never met you select said jewelry? Let's find out!

My 1st Rocksbox:

   I got my first box of rented jewelry from Rocksbox. (What is Rocksbox? Click here). I had been patiently waiting for weeks and was so excited to be getting a box of gorgeous jewelry for only $15 a month, that I could barely contain myself! Then I received my box...I have to be honest that I didn't love it. The ring is cute, but the necklace and bracelet are things that I've seen before. Then I was shocked at the prices! I couldn't justify $64 for the ring, $40 for the bracelet and $62 for the necklace. So, I shot a couple photos with the ring and sent it back. I was about to cancel my subscription, but since I'd already paid for the month, I provided feedback on the set and gave it another chance. Boy, was I glad I did, because within a week I received....

My 2nd Rocksbox:

   How cute are the earrings and cuff!? Teal is my favorite color and it looks great with the purple and blue. Also, the mint and leaf green on the cuff look fabulous! I probably will not buy any of these, unless I see Halle Berry smiling back at me when I look in the mirror, because $102 is too much for earrings. However, that's the awesome thing about renting; I will rock the heck out of these items until I tire of them. :) Hint: With any subscription box, make sure you provide feedback after each box. They zeroed right in on what I was looking for once I did that.
   So, other than playing with pretty jewelry, what else have I been doing with my week? Keep reading...

Bonus question: Can you have too many vegetables?
   As the youngest daughter of 3, who's sisters are 10-15 years older than her, I grew up in a family where all the yummy, unhealthy stuff had been eaten before I was born. I often heard stores about how we used to eat Alfredo, pot roasts and home made deserts, but how they were too unhealthy for us now. By the time I came along, I was taking sandwiches made of shredded carrots, peanut butter and honey, on the thickest, healthiest bread they are allowed to sell in the U.S. Packing that in my lunch  was essentially child starvation, because I never ate it. I have no idea how I survived elementary school, because I was equally scared of what they served in the cafeteria.
   The point is that I had a lot of exposure to veggies in my youth, but I am far from a vegetarian now. Since I'm now in my early 30s, I need to start eating right before I develop some horrible disease that could've been prevented by following the food pyramid. (A friend at work who's my age, just got and passed a kidney stone that apparently could've been prevented by drinking more water...ouch.)
   So, I wanted to find an easy way to incorporate more veggies in my diet and I think I've found it...Chow Locally. I believe that they only deliver in phoenix, but I'm sure that every city has a organic local farm collective that delivers. They deliver to a whole foods less than a mile from my house and cost only $23/ week. This is what I got for my first week:

Goodness gracious, that's a lot of vegetables! So, what did I do with them?

1. Kale Chips 
(Recipe, I used salt, pepper and lemon juice instead of season salt.) Yum!

2. Kale Salad
With kale, radishes, lettuce, greek goddess dressing and smoked pork from Whole Foods. (Tasty, but it weirded me out to be eating pork on a salad.)

3. Broccoli Stirfry
Sauté the broccoli and spring garlic in sesame oil. Sprinkle on some soy sauce and serve it with ramen pride. (Next time I'll skip the oil, ramen pride is greasy enough.)

4. Fed them to my pet monster
She loves this stuff! She starts begging and whining when she sees me rinsing anything leafy off. Can you believe that?

Thank you for letting me share all this with you! I would love any suggestions and ideas that you have for easy, healthy vegetarian dishes and hope you will continue on this journey with me. :)

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  1. LOL Seriously? Your cat eats leaves??
    Well, mine would try anything I'm eating, just because obviously I'm eating it, so it might be good. But wouldn't come for a cucumber a second time.

    I love the jewelry though! The second box contains amazing things :)))


    1. LOL...yeah, my other cat looks at her like she's crazy when she eats them. She won't touch anything that's not fried, sweet or salty. :)

  2. I love Rock Box. I have been a subscriber for almost a year now...and thanks for reminding me that I have some credit that I need to use! :)

    1. Yeah, you don't want to loose that...their pieces are pricey!

  3. Visiting from the Random Wednesday Link-up! Your cat is so adorable! I can't believe he eats vegetables! Personally, I like to eat kale chips :)

    <3 Vicki

    1. Thanks...yeah, she's a piece of work...she's the only cat i know that plays fetch:)

  4. That's so cool that they were able to tailor to your jewelry tastes so much better after the first round of feedback. I definitely like the second round of stuff better, too. Funny that you mention a produce delivery service because I just got a flyer from a neighbor about joining one. I need to go look at that again.

    1. Yeah, check them out...they we can stare hopelessly at our produce together :)

  5. Thanks for the intro to Rocksbox hadn't heard of it but the pieces are nice and $15 bucks isn't too bad! I love all veggies!!

    1. yeah, check 'em out...let me know what you think!

  6. You can never have too many vegetables! I like to saute the bok choy in a little bit of olive oil and garlic. Yum! I am also crazy about salad and eat it practically every day. My husband is not a fan of the "salad every day." lol
    One of our cats loves to eat lettuce too. Awwww.... yours is such a cutie chomping on those leaves.

  7. I know...she's such a cutie pie :). Ok, I'm glad that mine isn't the only one. They gave me something similar to bok choy this week, so I'll try it with the olive oil and garlic. Thanks!

  8. My cat used to eat Vegemite on hot buttered toast. He also liked baths and showers. I had to lock him out of the bathroom!

    I think the Rocksbox subscription offer isn't for me. I'm unlikely to spend $50-100 on a piece regularly. However, I totally love Her Fashion Box, where you choose from one of three "style personalities" and receive a range of goodies every month from a list including jewellery, makeup, nail polish, scarves, hats etc. They now ship internationally, I think!

    1. That is so cute! Sorry I'm taking so long to respond but I never got an email alert. I love the fact that he likes to take baths...he certainly wins the unique kitty award of the year! Ok, I'll check out Her Fashion Box...I also don't think I'll ever buy any of their stuff unless they have a fire sale. Thanks again!


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