Monday, February 3, 2014

January Shopping Haul: Winter Brights

Dress/ Pants/ Pants/ Jacket/  J. Crew Jacket (not available)
Hair Ties/ Pants/ Pants/ Scarf
Clutch/ Sweater/ Purse/ Shoes/ Necklace

Hi Ladies,
   Do you know what time it is? It's time for winter brights! I'm super excited because I've been wearing a lot of red and burgundy lately, but turquoise, teal and leaf green are my bread and butta! I threw in enough stripes to tame it down and some pink to spice it back up. :)  So, checkout what I bought  in January. Everything was at least 30% off the regular price and most pieces were around $30! (Checkout these previous posts for more wardrobe building advice here, here.)

   I need this extra bit of color to keep my spirits boosted right now, because my life has become increasingly complicated. We've just done a re-organization at work: I've got a new manager and management has come up with a new way to make our lives miserable in IT...oh wait...I mean a new way for us to work more collaboratively together! Instead of having our own cubes, where we have at least a modicum of space...we now sit at long tables with about 10 other people. To be fair, despite my best efforts...I actually like it. I can see everyone, so if I need to talk to someone it's pretty easy to find them. Plus, it's so easy just to pop by someone's desk to chat. Finally, the most important people for my job sit right across from me. The consultants were right (sigh....) it did increase collaboration and I think it's kinda fun. (Don't tell anyone that.)

   Anyway, I've been dealing with all the changes at work, but also working on my NY resolutions. They started off as loosing weight, but now I think I'm going to focus on eating healthy. I think I've gotten sick from the years of watching the amount of calories that I eat and instead, I want to focus on enjoying food in a responsible way. This involves vegetables...duh...duh...duh. So, I have what I hope will be a simple and tasty way to do that...I can't wait to share it with you in my next post!

Without further delay, this is what I bought in January:
Bracelet (unavailable)/ NecklaceBlazerLip Gloss
 DressTop/Dress (petite) & Dress (misses)SkirtSkirtPants

Price List:

pink skirt $15
teal skirt $25
green cardi $29
blue pants $27
striped top $23
ocelot bracelet $20
teal necklace $49
dot blazer $60
lip gloss $29
wrap dress $33
green top $25
green dress $30
red skirt $25
yellow skirt $11
green pants $40
TOTAL = $441
(Don't hate...emulate! ok..i'll stop, but I'm so happy with how much I got for my money. :) )

Here are a few photos that inspired my looks:
 Head-to-toe teal, pink suede pumps and a jeweled's so cute it makes my teeth hurt! (Picture: Respect the Shoes)

Polka dots, chevrons AND bright green...Shanna is a woman after my own heart! (Picture: Because Shanna Said So)

 Can pink and aqua be worn to work without looking to cutesy? Checkout my next few posts to find out. :) (Picture: Kate Spade Look Book)

Can you have too much aqua and blue? No! (Picture: J Crew Catalog)

This vintagey color combination is really unique. I was scared at first, but I think the results turned out really'll have to let me know. :)  (Picture: Kate Spade NYFW 2012-2013) 

Come back this Thursday (2/6) to see my first outfit! 

So, what colors can you not wait to wear?

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  1. Thank you so much for your comment. It sometimes takes awhile but I certainly make the effort to get around to replying to every one. It means so much to me and I make the time for it because I appreciate those who take the time to comment so much. I must say I love this post because bright colours are totally my style. I always go out of my way to wear brights in the winter. I especially want to find a yellow coat and yellow bow flats (very much like the ones you posted). I love to wear my pink coat as much as possible too. My favourite pictures here are the pink and aqua looks especially the one in the middle. They are so gorgeous and totally my style. I want all those clothes. Beautiful.

    1. Thanks...I'm glad you like them! I can tell that you really enjoy what you do. :)

  2. I like the concept of wearing colours during any season. Just because it's winter, it doesn't mean I should get dressed in dark gloomy dull colours all the time :)
    Great post :))


  3. Lots of gorgeous pieces in you January haul and can't wait to see how you wear them. Sorry for there-org at work, although it sounds like it's working out okay. :) -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  4. Love the pieces you got last month! I'll definitely be picking up some more brights before Spring! Thanks for sharing with Mix it Monday! :)

  5. Thank you so much for featuring me!! I am all about the brights for this season. They sure help make these cold days brighter!! :)

    1. have so many cute outfits to choose from!

  6. Yes....I need some more color in my life...been wearing so much black lately...I do love it..but some color would be a nice change of pace!
    Love all your purchases...thanks for linking up with Monday Mingle!

    1. Thanks...I bet you'll come up with some cute ideas!

  7. Thanks for linking to me! I'm flattered!

    That last Kate Spade outfit is a gorge color combo - I may have to try to emulate ... I'm all for wearing bold saturated colors in the winter, makes it feel a bit less dreary!

    1. Of course...I love your use of colors and textures! :)

  8. I love this! I love bright colors but sometimes feel intimidated to wear them to work. But, with all these examples--I'll be shy no more! :) Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Hey Chick, long time no talk! Yeah, you usually do neutrals, right? I bet you'll look really pretty in brights!

  9. Oh I love anything bright and obnoxious *especially* in the midst of winter!
    So sorry things are not so perfect at work - sending you good and happy vibes!
    And thanks as always for linking up!

    1. Thanks...I appreciate the vibes...good to know someone is thinking of me :)

  10. Love the yellow sweater and shoes! ♥

  11. These bright colors make me long for spring! I love the greens!! Susan

  12. Yay for spring colors! They are my favorite. I can't wait to wear green - bright green, kelly green, green green green green. I am also really liking hot pink this year. And sometimes yellow!


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