Friday, February 14, 2014

A Few Days in So Cal!

Hi Ladies,
Sorry, it took me so long to post this. My mom and I took a road trip to San Diego and Santa Monica for NYE. We had a wonderful time and I want to share our favorite experiences. This post focuses on two of my favorite and fashion!

What We Ate:

I had a Mollette with vegetarian chorizo. I am not vegetarian and could not see how anything could hold up to real chorizo...however, this was delicious! They use a black bean spread and make their own bread...fantastic...especially for about $6. My mom got the quiche and it looked really good too...more cheese than egg. :)

Do yourself a favor and go here...I could take up an entire 2 pages writing about them, but I will try to be concise. Their slogan says it all: "eclectic cuisine of small plates infused with chocolate, vanilla or caramel". Think sweet and savory.
 spiced pumpkin french toast - not too sweet, but came with syrup if you want it. Filled with pumpkin cream cheese and some sort of cream. Also sprinkled with candied ginger...mmmm.

 garlic parmesan biscuits

avocado benedict - comes with a burnt carmel hollandaise sauce, which i know sounds weird on eggs benedict, but it was really subtle. This is now my favorite eggs benedict in the world!

basil mimosa...basil makes everything better!

A great place to eat when you are doing the rounds at the Nordstrom in Santa Monica. This is one of Nordstrom's specialty restaurants and features tapas. I've eaten here the past 3 times I was in L.A. and everything I've ordered has been delicious.

Asian Latin fusion...tapas and small plates...the drinks and entres are always great! Our favorites were spicy jumbo crab guacamole and tempura asparagus tacos. I would've had pictures, but got distracted when the food came. :( I highly reccomed checking out their "all you can eat" tapas brunch which includes brunch cocktails!

What I Wore:
This was my favorite outfit!

Pearls/ Rhinestone Necklace/ Top (old, Limited)/ Pants/ Shoes

Where We Stayed:
We stayed in a stunning hotel in Santa Monica: The Shore Hotel.

I highly recommend it for couples...checkout the picture below:
Yes, the entire wall dividing the bedroom and bathroom is made of you a clear shot of the shower and toilet. My mom and I stared at each other in horror until the bell hop explained that you can lower a shade for privacy. :) Thank goodness!

Question: Where have you traveled lately?

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  1. The spicy pumpkin toast looks very tempting. And you look so elegant and chic... as usual :))

    Lu ♥
    Giveaway Time

    1. It was soooo good! I wish I could send you a piece :)

  2. I used to live in So cal for 10 years, you made me miss it so much lol Love your casual outfit very comfortable especially when visiting new places and you'll be doing a lot of exploring. Thanks for sharing your trip, will check these out when I go back in the future!
    Ms Dee Kay

    1. Thank you! Where in so cal did you live? It's such a great place.

  3. All the food looks so delicious, I´m drooling. You look fabulous in black and white especially with all those pearls around your neck! ;)

  4. Now this looks like my kind of trip!! I just came back from Milwaukee for a work trip. :( It was snowing when I landed and had to drive 1.5 hours to get to my meeting! Then back that night! Needless to say I'm happy to be home and looking forward to our trip to Jupiter, Florida in about 3 weeks!!!
    PS your black and white outfit is perfection with the pearls!!

  5. Can you believe that I live 3 miles from Santa Monica but have never heard of these restaurants? I need to check these out - they look amazing.

    OMG, Merrie!! I just saw your illustration of you and your kitty! I am in love with it!!! Is it new or did I just not see it before? It is so perfect! love love love!!!


    1. Cynthia! Drop everything and go! :) You live in one of the best places to eat in the U.S. So cal and D.C. have the best restaurants! Thank you for the feedback on my logo...i just put it up on sunday :). I got a fashion illustrator to make it and originally she just put me, then i asked her to add Minnie. :)

  6. Looks like a fab trip!! I'm glad to hear that you could cover the glass in the toilet. That would have been horrible! ha.

    Corinne x

    1. Haha...i couldn't believe it when I saw it...I'm like who designed this???? Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Um, first of all - you are making me hungry! All that gorgeous food! And you look pretty too - so chic. That necklace is lovely. It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

    1. I'm sorry! This blog is not the place to be if you are watching your weight or trying not to shop! :)

  8. I am loving your all black look! It's so chic! Thanks for linking up for Favorite Fashion Friday! Hope to see you back this week!
    Penniless Socialite

  9. Those food pics are amazing! Everything looks delicious! I love your black and white look. It's so classic and perfect.

  10. I love your outfit, perfect for travel! Were your shoes comfy?


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