Monday, February 24, 2014

3 Ways to Style a Wrap Dress + The Liebster Award!

Curvy, Petite Outfit Ideas | Professional and Casual-Chic Fashion and Style Inspiration | 3 Ways to Style a Wrap Dress

Hi Ladies,
Who doesn't love the simplicity and flattery of a wrap dress? It's great to throw on when you have nothing to wear, but unfortunately it comes with a few challenges to work through. Never fear! Here's my guide to overcoming them:

1. How to keep your northern hemisphere under wraps (a.k.a "V-necks that show too much")
  • Add a Button: your tailor can easily do this for $5-$10. It may take a couple of adjustments to get the button in the right spot, so try it on before leaving the shop.
  • Add a Bralette: I've used this one from Gap. If you want a dressier option, checkout these from Urban Outfitters. Both are opaque, come in a bunch of colors and cost around $20!
2. How to have appropriate cloud cover below the equator (a.k.a "Handling the skirt flap")
  • Some people have reported that their skirts flap open and show too much leg. I have never had this problem with the dress I recommend in this post, the Gemma dress. I have had this problem with Old Navy's, and would recommend getting one that doesn't flap open, or using a slip. Gap Body's slips are modern and slim fitting.
3. How to accessorize them so they are more than a one hit wonder?
  • Try a simple pendant necklace that points toward the V. Or, wear a bejeweled statement necklace this sits on your collar bone.
  • Also, try adding a pin.

(For more styling options in similar hues click here. :))

Curvy, Petite Outfit Ideas | Professional and Casual-Chic Fashion and Style Inspiration | 3 Ways to Style a Wrap Dress

Take a plain old wrap dress:

Add a brooch:

Add a blazer:

Add a scarf:
(Sorry for the sloppy scarf...ugh...wish I had a stylist.)
Curvy, Petite Outfit Ideas | Professional and Casual-Chic Fashion and Style Inspiration | Pink Wrap Dress


Dress-solid, Dress-print, Dress-print/ Blazer/ Brooch Old Limited (similar)/ Scarf Ann Taylor (similarsimilar)/ Tote
(Photos taken by Randy Luckey of 1220.)

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  1. Wow, this dress looks stunning on you. It fits you so well and the color just pops. You definitely can do so many things with this dress but I really like how you just added a brooch and it was just the right touch.


  2. I like this colour combo - a cute feminine pink with a chic grey blazer :)

    Lu ❤

  3. I never thought to add a brooch to my wrap dresses. I gotta try this!

  4. Pretty color on you and love the action shot! I'll have to keep the brooch idea in mind. Thanks again for the Liebster nom. Much appreciated!

    1. Ha ha,,,thanks...I love a jump shot :)

  5. I love wrap dresses so much! I have a black one that I seriously wear all the time. They are just so versatile. I love the pink one - it is so flattering on you!

  6. You look Great in pink and on the move. Visiting from Funday Monday!!

  7. Gorgeous! I love these ideas for a wrap dress! I'm a "Petite Career Girl" too, so i'm glad I found your blog!
    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

    1. Me littles have to stick together :)

  8. OMG, I FLOVE you. Your last pose!! AWESOME. Plus I love your tips on wearing a wrap dress. Especially on how to keep the Northern Hemisphere under control...if only you could apply those tips to politics in the middle east. :P Thanks for linking up gorgeous! -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  9. Love these ideas! Thanks Merrie, so very much for the nomination. You're so kind! Thanks for linking up with Little Miss Monday. ;)

    Xo, Claire

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your responses :)

  10. Love all of these ideas! Great color on you!

  11. This color looks great on you love, really flattering and the brooch is so cute :) Thanks for the tips, will keep this in mind next time I wear mine. I have one in cobalt blue, I love how comfortable they are.
    Ms Dee Kay

    1. Oooh...i bet your blue one is beautiful...can't wait for you to do a post on it!

  12. You are straight up RUNNING in that dress! You are amazing! The color is great on you - I love me a good wrap dress. Your tips for wearing them are perfect!!
    PS Thanks for the nomination! I will need to carve out some time to get those questions answered!
    PSS Thanks for coming back for Manic Monday! We love all of your support and inspiration!!

    1. Haha...I'm actually leaping over a grate:) I didn't realize how high my dress got in the back until afterwards :) Of course, you should've been nominated a long time ago...probably no one new that you were a seem so together. :) You guys are great to link up sweet to stop by everyone's blog and I loved the themes for the holidays. (Guess we'll have to wait until EOY to see those again :) )

  13. Oh, I've been dreaming over a pair of DVF wrap dress for a looooong time! But at almost $400, the dream has to stay a dream but I bought a wanna be DVF from Karen Kane only to not be able to wear it. I am not tall (I hate to say short) so the hem sort of hit at the most unflattering part of my legs making me look like a widow from Sicily in the 1940 (my husband's words) and to send it for alteration it might be tricky because first I live in Dubai where nothing actually work the way you wish and second the dress is a wanna be wrap dress i.e the wrap is already sewn for you. It's a pretty dress actually.. I like yours and the price is right (the one like in khaki/petite is on sale!) So I might just send my husband on a mission when he flies to the US :) Pink is pretty on you by the way

    1. Yeah, I've never been able to justify a DVF, plus I know i'll have to alter it and then it will have cost me $500! Keep checking at BR, they seem to always have them on sale. Also, check my shopping resources tab...BR has free shipping to 50 countries and it's not just Europe. I now south africa and cote d'ivore are on it, so maybe dubai is. You'll have to do a post if you get it! :)

    2. Definitely! I will try and check out the shipping list :)

  14. I love your dress with the blazer! I have a wrap dress with a pattern that would look great with a blazer, and I like the brooch, too!
    Eva Marie

  15. This dress & color are absolutely amazing on you woman!!! My favorite styling is the one with the cheetah print scarf though, I love me some cheetah! haha And oh my goodness, thanks so much for nominating me for the Liebster Award! This is my second nomination so I guess I better get on it! ;) xoxox Thanks so very much, most grateful sweet pea!

    1. I too...animal print goes with everything :)

  16. Thank you for nominating me, Merrie! I am having fun going through your list of nominations. There are so many amazing women out there doing such great work! Love it! I also love you in that wrap dress. This color of pink is so beautiful on you!
    Now, I need to start thinking of the answers to those questions!

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to read your answers :)

  17. You look so great! The pink color looks so good on you! I wouldn't be able to pull off that color! c; Also, congrats on the award! xx

    <(") Hoda
    JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

    1. Thank you...I think the color would look pretty on you. It goes great with tans :)


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