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My Gifts to Me for Xmas (January Wantable Accessory and Makeup Box Review/ We Are Onyx Review)

Hi Ladies,
   I decided to treat myself to a few subscription services for christmas this year, but then a few became 5 and now I have 7! I had no idea that there are so many different types available now: vegan cosmetics, makeup only, jewelry only, clothing only...even one for rich folks that costs a $1000 a month (I am not making this up)! So check out below and see what the market has to offer. :)

1. Wantable Accessory Box $36/ month (Value: $80)
  When I first read this concept, I immediately poo-pooed it because I hate cheap looking jewelry. I thought that there was no way that you could deliver 4/5 pieces of jewelry for $36 that I would want to wear. However, when I got the box I was pleasantly surprised.
   Other pluses are that the survey is extremely detailed. If you want to tell them that you hate acrylic bangles, but love leather cuffs...there is a question for you. They say that they will never send you what you dislike and send you most of what you love. I could see this service being great for people who want unique pieces of jewelry that your won't see on everyone else.
  • Contents: I love the necklace and wore it that weekend. The teal earrings are super cute and something I would definitely grab. The ring is so-so, it fit a little tight and I feel kind old to be wearing a rhinestone heart, but it's not a big deal. I also love the dangly silver earrings that look like lace.
  • Verdict: Very pleased. I will continue.

2. Wantable Makeup Box $36/ month (Value: $76)
   If you want a company that focuses solely on makeup, then this one is for you. They have an extensive survey that focuses on the normal stuff: your skin tone, how adventurous are you, etc, but what I found very unique was that you could say what you absolutely do not want. So, if you hate lip gloss or blush, you can set it up so that you won't get any.
  • Contents: Foundation brush - I needed one. Volumizing mascara - The only kind I buy. Pink lipgloss - I've never bought a color like this, but it looks good on me. Berry colored lip stain - Great color and formula for me. Dark Plum Eyeshadow - Unique way to do smokey eyes.  Face primer/ plumper stuff - this will probably go in the trash.
  • Verdict: Very pleased. Everything was full size, except for the face plumper, which is fine with me!

As a bonus, Mary found that the packaging shredded nicely and was enough of to cover our entire floor!

3. We Are Onyx $15/ month (Value: unknown)
   We Are Onyx specializes in natural products with an emphasis on hair products for ethnic hair textures, however they do include some makeup and toiletries. One unique feature is that you can pick the samples that you want. You fill out a survey, then they send you to a page that has about 30 items picked out for you, you select 4 and they will throw in a 'surprise' item. My only complaint is that nothing was full sized or deluxe samples. This may have been my fault, because I subscribed so late that a lot of what could have been full sized was gone.

  • Contents: I selected Sweet Ambrosia Leave-in Conditioner, Don’t Despair, Repair!Deep Conditioning Mask, Sealed with a Kiss Sample and Lemon & Nectar Body Scrub. They threw in a scalp massager and a lot of samples of the new Argan oil line from cream of nature. I haven't tried any of them yet, but everything smells fantastic!
  • Verdict: Moderately pleased. I'll give it another go next month and see if I get all samples sizes again.

***Checkout the next installment, where I review the following***
Now Rocksbox is a cool receive 3 pieces of jewelry a month, which have an average value of $200. You are encouraged to wear all of them to see which you like. Then, you can keep, buy or return any of them. If you return, they will immediately send you a new set of 3. If you keep them, you will effectively rent them until you return them. Anything you buy will be 20% off the retail price.
I usually get tired of nail polishes before finishing them, but feel guilty throwing them out. Nailette solves this for me! They send 2 or 3 (based on your plan) mini-sized bottles of nail polish a month. You fill out a survey to communicate your preferences. They use Essie, Opi and Orly which are all great brands.
Stich Fix sends you 5 pieces of apparel that have been curated for you, based on the preferences in your survey. Then you can select which to buy and which to send back. I was immediately against the idea because I'm petite and I saw no references to petite clothing on their site. However, as I read further, I discovered that all clothes are cut to order, which means they could be cut to petite specifications. In any case, it's only $20, so if I'm unimpressed then I'll cancel and move on.
This is one is not only vegetarian, but it is also vegan. (I'm not sure exactly what that means in relation to toiletries, so someone help me out here :) ). What I do know is that they are cruelty free and therefore do not carry products that perform animal testing. Another plus is that they claim to only feature high end/ luxurious brands, so this sounds like a winner!.

Whew...that was a lot of typing! If you have any questions about what I've written or want more details, send me a comment and I'll respond. :)

Question: What subscription services do you use? I'd love to hear if anyone has tried any of the food related ones.

Take Care Ladies!

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  1. Wow, those accessories are really pretty and unique. What a great box service!

    1. Yes, I can't wait for the next one to come out! :)

  2. Wow, very interesting reviews on the services. The nail polish one sounds the most interesting to me because I do like to indulge in some on-season nail trends, but then they just take up space in my house the rest of the year. Plus, finding the best colors for me is sooo much trial and error. It gets expensive. Right now I don't subscribe to ANY box services. :)
    On the Daily Express

    1. Yeah, I was the same way for the longest...I had really bad experience with Ipsy and Birchbox that I gave up on them. But I'm super excited about it's only $7!

  3. I subscribe to Her Fashion Box, which is based in Australia. It's a fab mix of healthy living, fashion, beauty and accessories, targeted to Trendy, Feminine or Classic styles. I have never been unhappy with one of my HFBs. Thanks for popping by Wardrobe Wednesday!

    1. Wow, that company seems really cool...I also see that ship free internationally! Do you have any reviews on your site?

  4. I am intrigued by Stich Fix but haven't taken the plunge yet so I will be really interested to hear about how you like it.
    I got my stepdaughter a Brichbox subscription and was appalled at how cheap and dinky it was. Ugh. I was so embarrassed. It was few cheap samples and a couple of individual tea bags. We went out the day after Christmas and got her a proper present.

    1. Yeah, I know...i have a drawer full of my Ipsy/ Birchbox experiences that I'll probably never use, but I'm very excited about Stich's supposed to get here tomorrow! So far, Wantables is my favorite. :)

  5. I personally don't like subscriptions. I like to buy what I need. Thank you for sharing though. The items look fabulous!


  6. Oh my gosh, thank you for sharing! I've never even heard of most of these services, but I may look into them now! I've only ever belonged to Birchbox, but I'm not with them anymore. I may or may not re-subscribe, I'm not sure yet.


  7. Such pretty accessories! Thanks for sharing with Three-fer Thursday.

    xo Bethany


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