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Are you petite? Do you sometimes just wish that you’re taller? I was talking to fellow fashion blogger Merrie from Phoenix who heads Petite Career Girl about the challenges of petite girls when dressing up. Well, there’s nothing wrong in being petite. But if you want to, below are some tips on how to look taller! At the same time, you can also check out Merrie’s story here. By the way, if you feel like buying any of the pieces below, just click and it’ll take you to Enjoy!
How to look taller...for petite girls
Get geometric – Some geometric prints can help elongate the body visually. Diamonds work better than checks just like how vertical stripes work better than horizontal ones.
ASOS PETITE Exclusive Bodycon Dress In Colour Block
Play with geometric shapes to make yourself look taller. This dress has an arrow-looking shape that stretches the figure visually.
ASOS PETITE Exclusive Bodycon Dress With Colour Block Panels
See how the lines help make the body look taller?

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V-necks and slits can ‘lengthen’ the body - Turtle necks and ruffled collars tend to choke you. Go for V-necks that make the neck and upper body look longer. The trick is to look less bulky. Slits in skirts can also add visual height.
ASOS PETITE Top with Inserted Collar in Sheer and Solid Colourblock
V-necks can also ‘lengthen’ the body visually.

Play with vertical lines - You don’t have to wear vertical stripes. Simply look for items that have vertical lines in the design. Could be a line on the sides of your trousers, a line down the middle of your shirt or even a trim down your skirt.
ASOS PETITE Exclusive Contrast Detail Cuffed Trousers
Vertical lines create the illusion of height. These pants with lines on the sides help fake longer legs.
ASOS PETITE Exclusive Shirt In Geo Print With Contrast Collar
You can also find pieces with vertical lines in shirts. This one has a red vertical line at the front of the shirt making the upper body look longer. Especially for those who want to ‘elongate’ their upper torso.
ASOS PETITE Exclusive Shell Top with Sheer Insert
A vertical line in the middle lengthens the body visually.
ASOS PETITE Exclusive Trousers with Contrast Panel
If you’re brave, try lines on your pants and jacket.

‘Shift your waistline - Make your legs look longer by wearing high-waited pants. These shift the waistline higher making your upper torso look shorter and your legs longer. This is especially useful if you have a longer upper body.
ASOS PETITE High Waist Trousers
High waist pants make your legs look longer.

Stick to clean lines - Go for outfits that hug your curves instead of those baggy ones which will drown you visually. Try pencil skirts, cigarette pants, cropped pants, sleek blazers and simple tops. Outfits with large ruffles and heavy tiers can ‘swallow’ you up. Keep it light and sleek.

ASOS PETITE Uber High Waist Denim Jegging in Clean Black
Wearing boots in the same colour as your pants ‘extends’ your legs visually.
ASOS PETITE Exclusive Jumpsuit With Mesh Insert
One tone jumpsuits are great. Make sure you choose ones with a tapered cut.

Need more inspiration? Check out how petite Miroslava Duma styles herself.
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Melati is based in Brisbane, Australia but is originally from Malaysia. She is also mom to cheerful Mikhael, a coffee addict and spends way too much time dreaming of her fashion label she one day wants to start. Melati also speaks French, Bahasa Malaysia and of course Fashion!
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