Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Easy and Sophisticated way to get the BRIGHTS Trend from your Closet! (Fall 2013 Remix Outfit #9)

Hello Ladies,
As you probably know by now...I love bright colors! Therefore, I'm remixing this skirt again with a black tee. That's the simplest way to handle a bright bottom...pair it with a black, charcoal gray or white top because everyone has one. Now, in order to make things interesting, play with texture. I did this by adding a black rhinestone necklace, a black purse with gold hardware and patent leather heels. Each of these pops against the plain matte tee, but does so in a sophisticated way! (See Fall 2013 Remix: Shopping Haul! for additional details.)

I'd love to hear your strategies for wearing brights. :)

In addition, I want to give loads of credit Bree Hamilton of Bree Hamilton Photography for taking these fabulous pictures! :)

The Fashion Canvas


  1. These are great tips for wearing bright colours in a sophisticated way Merrie. Your black accessories do a great job of tying the outfit together. BTW, that's such a flattering skirt! Very pretty look.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Danielle..isn't red a fantastic color!?! :)


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