Sunday, October 20, 2013

Top 5 Bottoms for Ladies with Curvy Hips!

Hi Ladies,
I think curves are wonderful to have! However, they can make for a challenging shopping experience, because most clothes are made for straighter figures. This make sense from a designer's perspective, since we can always take the waist in, but you can't let them out. So here is how to make things work:

Firstly, I have listed the most flattering, pants, jeans and skirts that I've seen this season. Secondly, I need you to remember that a tailor is your best friend! Don't fear them! If you find a bottom that gaps a little in the back (and this happens all the time) take it to a tailor and have them take it in. Just don't forget to sit down after they have pinned it so you can be sure that it won't dig into your stomoach. Or you can use a belt. Also, hemming is almost alway necessary...most tailors will shorten pants for $10 or less. Generally, I prefer how regular pants and skirts look on me versus petite ones. I think petite pants have the knees in the wrong place and petite pencil skirts don't come down to mid knee (which is elongating). However, this is not true for everyone, so try both styles on before you commit!

Lastly, get yourself a cappuccino to carry around or take yourself out to lunch and enjoy the day!

I'd love to know how these work on you!

  1. Denim Trousers: I love trouser jeans for work! I find that some are too big in the hips, but these are perfect to me.
  2. Oxblood Skinny Khakis: comes in various colors
  3. Black Pencil Skirt:  comes in various prints
  4. Black Trousers:  These are snug in the tush, so you may need to wear a blazer or medium length cardigan to work.
  5. Black Circle Skirt: comes in various colors

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