Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Wear the Menswear Trend (Fall 2013 Remix Outfit #6)

Menswear is one of my favorite trends, so there is lots we will do with it this season! :) For a simple take on the trend, grab a pair of Jacquard capris or skinny pants, put on a classy tee and a pair of femenine heels and voila! I've also chosen to add a silver watch and chain necklace to accessorize.

**Alteration Note: These Ban Rep pants are actually supposed to come to the ankle, but that looked terrible on me. Therefore, I got them to remove about 3 inches, which is a more flattering length. They will do this for free if you are a cold holder! Try this trick if you have the same problem with skinny leg pants.

(See Fall 2013 Remix: Shopping Haul! for additional details.)

Tee-GAP (old), Shoes-Ann Taylor, Pants, Chain - Ban Rep, Watch - DKNY similar here


  1. Yes, this length is flattering. Love the prints on the pants.

    1. Thanks Chineze, I love the print too! I've got another menswear print coming out in a couple weeks, so check back :). What country are you from? I love your do you pronounce it?

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