Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from The Girls!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Red Herringbone (Fall 2013 Remix Outfit #8)

Hi Ladies,
I'm working on a few big posts, so today's post is going to be a quickie. Have a great week!

(See Fall 2013 Remix: Shopping Haul! for additional details.)

J crew Factory: Necklace// Limited: Skirt, Top// Consignment Shop: Shoes

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Color Explosion - Ban Rep Sloan Skirt!

Hi Ladies!
Who said that color is only for summer and spring?!! Not Banana Republic! With the introduction of 5 new colors for the sloan skirt, we can be bright and beautiful all through the winter. :) Also, the classic cut of this skirt makes it perfect for work, church, brunch, meeting the in laws, going to court, talking yourself out of a speeding ticket, etc, etc. I've suggested a few ways to wear them below, but if you get stuck with any of the colors...grab a solid gray top or one in a graphic black and white print and go!

Let me know if anyone buys one! I'm definitely getting the green!

Friday, October 25, 2013

5 Steps to take Pearls from Churchy to Chic (Fall 2013 Remix Outfit #7)

Hello Ladies,
Today I have the pleasure of being a part of a link up w/ the fabulous Lauren Slade from Style Elixir, as well as my fantastic co-hosts: Alyssa and Allison!

Pearls can be fabulous! They will add a glow to any skin tone, go with any color and automatically make you look classy! The problem is that sometimes they make you look too classic, as in 'out dated'. So, how to avoid that?
1. Grab a strand, preferably a triple strand like the one I have below (this is what it normally looks like)
2. Twist them. Tighter if you want a choker look or looser if you want them to hang longer.
3. Add a casual top, like a nice tee or a fitted cotton sweater. You are going for a juxtaposition between fancy and laid back.
4. Add some denim. I've opted for a chambray skirt, but jeans in any color are perfect too. If you are feeling creative, try a pair of boyfriend jeans rolled a few inches above the ankle.
5. Tie the different styles together with ballet flats or heels and you are done!

(See Fall 2013 Remix: Shopping Haul! for additional details.)

Consignment shop-chambray skirt, Ban Rep-red sweater, bracelet (old), Jcrew Factory-pearls, Ann Taylor-heels (similar), Michael Kors-watch (similar)

 photo FFF-NewBanner_zps58ae2996.png
 photo Oct25_zps4295d606.jpg

Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Wear the Menswear Trend (Fall 2013 Remix Outfit #6)

Menswear is one of my favorite trends, so there is lots we will do with it this season! :) For a simple take on the trend, grab a pair of Jacquard capris or skinny pants, put on a classy tee and a pair of femenine heels and voila! I've also chosen to add a silver watch and chain necklace to accessorize.

**Alteration Note: These Ban Rep pants are actually supposed to come to the ankle, but that looked terrible on me. Therefore, I got them to remove about 3 inches, which is a more flattering length. They will do this for free if you are a cold holder! Try this trick if you have the same problem with skinny leg pants.

(See Fall 2013 Remix: Shopping Haul! for additional details.)

Tee-GAP (old), Shoes-Ann Taylor, Pants, Chain - Ban Rep, Watch - DKNY similar here

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Top 5 Bottoms for Ladies with Curvy Hips!

Hi Ladies,
I think curves are wonderful to have! However, they can make for a challenging shopping experience, because most clothes are made for straighter figures. This make sense from a designer's perspective, since we can always take the waist in, but you can't let them out. So here is how to make things work:

Firstly, I have listed the most flattering, pants, jeans and skirts that I've seen this season. Secondly, I need you to remember that a tailor is your best friend! Don't fear them! If you find a bottom that gaps a little in the back (and this happens all the time) take it to a tailor and have them take it in. Just don't forget to sit down after they have pinned it so you can be sure that it won't dig into your stomoach. Or you can use a belt. Also, hemming is almost alway necessary...most tailors will shorten pants for $10 or less. Generally, I prefer how regular pants and skirts look on me versus petite ones. I think petite pants have the knees in the wrong place and petite pencil skirts don't come down to mid knee (which is elongating). However, this is not true for everyone, so try both styles on before you commit!

Lastly, get yourself a cappuccino to carry around or take yourself out to lunch and enjoy the day!

I'd love to know how these work on you!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rock the Dot Trend on Casual Friday (Fall 2013 Remix Outfit #5)

Hi Ladies,
I love anything with polka dots! I especially love this navy blue background which adds a sophisticated flair to an otherwise cutesy look. Leave it to Banana Republic to do this! I also love the trend of wearing a statement necklace on the outside of a collared has a very vintage feel. (See Fall 2013 Remix: Shopping Haul! for additional details.)

I hope you are enjoying your friday and have something fun planned for the weekend!

Shirt, Purse - Banana Republic/ Belt, Shoes (old) - Ann Taylor/ Jeans - Gap (old)/ Necklace - JCrew Factory

Monday, October 14, 2013

What to Wear with a Khaki Skirt (Fall 2013 Remix Outfit #4)

Hi Ladies,
I'm often faced with what to do with a khaki first instinct is to pull out a collared white shirt and channel Banana Republic. However neutrals are made to go with everything, so I challenged myself to wear it with color and in an unexpected way. What do you think?

(See Fall 2013 Remix: Shopping Haul! for additional details.)

Skirt (old)/ Bracelet/ Purse-Banana Republic, Top/ Necklace/ Cardigan - Nordstrom, Shoes - Ann Taylor (old)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Updating the Lace Trend for Fall

Hello Ladies,
I'm off for a quick day of shopping, but before I go I want to share one of my favorite casual outfits with you! Lace is usually very girly and to be itself this dress looks like something a four year old would wear to church. However, with the addition of a jean jacket and a long necklace (try a lariat necklace for an up to the minute look), you are instantly ready for fall. I should also note that many of these dresses were brought out during spring and summer and are now at deep discount (I got mine on final sale at LOFT for $14)!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to Wear Graphic Prints (Fall 2013 Remix Outfit #3)

Hi All,
Happy Wednesday! I love all the red that stores are releasing this season, so today I'm showcasing a graphic skirt from Ann Taylor with a white shell and red cardigan. The skirt and cardigan are from my Fall Transition Haul and everyone has a white shell in their closet. Again, the goal is to remix new outfits, using staples that you already have. (See Fall 2013 Remix: Shopping Haul! for additional details.)

I hope you enjoy!

Cardi, Shell, Skirt, Shoes - Ann Taylor, Ring, Bracelet - Banana Rep (old) (See post on 9/29/13 for links to buy) 


Monday, October 7, 2013

Retro Outfit Inspired by Mad Men (Fall 2013 Remix Outfit #2)

Hi All!
I'm chanelling Joan from Mad Men today. Isn't she fabulous? All you need to do is buy  pencil skirt with a little stretch in it, find a fitted tee and skinny belt from the back of your closet...and voila! This is a great look for hour glass shapes. (See Fall 2013 Remix: Shopping Haul! for additional details.)

Skirt: Ann Taylor, T-shirt: Gap, Bag: Banana Republic, Shoes: Ann Taylor (old), Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Anne Klein (old), Belt-Limited (old) (See post on 9/29/13 for links to buy) 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Transition Makeup

Hi All!
In most parts of the country is still hot out there, so you don't want to wear a full face of makeup. My look below allows you to add a little "fall-ness" to your look, but still be cool. Plus, red coordinates with the wardrobe capsule I've been sporting this season! If you are new to makeup, don't worry...less than 6 months ago...I considered sunblock and mascara to be a full face of makeup! :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to Mix Patterns for Work (Fall 2013 Remix Outfit #1)

Hi All,
I wanted to do a post that shows how you can incorporate a current trend into your career clothes: mixing and matching prints. Generally, I think mixing large, high impact prints is inappropriate for my work, but I think you can get away with mixing one large print with a more subtle one. In addition, it helps to make both prints uniform and repeating, like dots and stripes.

What do you think? Have any of you come up with any other print combinations that work at work? (See Fall 2013 Remix: Shopping Haul! for additional details.)

Skirt: Jcrew Factory-old, Cardi: Banana Republic, Shirt: Ann Taylor, Bag: Banana Republic, Shoes: Ann Taylor-old, Watch: Michael Kors (See post on 9/29/13 for links to buy)