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Hi Ladies,
How's your week going? I'm having a good one! I'm back on the wagon eating-wise! It took a stern talk from my doctor, but I think I got my motivation back. (It's only been one day, so I can't declare victory yet, but I'd love any happy vibes you could send my way.) I'm also happy to announce that I've got a new blog design coming out in the next few days! You should find it faster, more mobile responsive and free of the newspaper subscription pop-up. (Thanks for bearing with me while I tried that out. It's confirmed: pop-ups are annoying!)


Old Navy Jewelry Shopping Haul

Hi Ladies,
I'm really excited about today's post! First of all, I finally did something that I've been putting off for years: making a you tube video!! I actually recorded one the day I launched my blog (2 years ago), but was immediately horrified by how I sound on tape and vowed never to release it. LOL. Well, 2 years later, I've overcome my fears, learned how to work my computer camera and dusted off my You Tube page. Here we go!

I'm also really excited because of this find at Old Navy: they carry their bracelets in small, medium and large!!! This is huge for me, because I have very narrow wrists and can only buy stretchy bracelets or ones with a clasp. I know...the world's smallest violin is playing for me right now. :) But I've always wanted to wear a cool stack of bracelets and always felt left out. Now I can! (They also sell rings in Small - XLarge.) Note: ON doesn't sell jewelry on their site, so you'll have to go to the store.)
Has anyone else found sources for different sized jewelry?

Old Navy Jewelry Shopping Haul | plus size jewelry | bracelets for small wrists

Old Navy Jewelry Shopping Haul

some people are so nosy!! :) 


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Irresistable Me Diamond Flat Iron Review & The Big Chop!

Hi Ladies,
Welcome to today's hair themed post!
Whack! That's the sound I heard in the hairstylist's chair on Friday. About 5 inches of my hair fell to the floor and was swept up by the assistant. Why? Well, about a year ago I stopped getting my hair straightened with chemical relaxers. It wasn't a conscious decision. It's just that I was getting my hair blow dried every week, because my local salon was so cheap and then one day it had been six months since I'd had a relaxer. Then it was 8 months. By that time, I didn't see the point of getting one. I always thought that I would never give up relaxers, because my hair was so easy to manager with one, but it's actually simpler now.